Information on Kabul Suicide Bomber Implicates the White House

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News out of Afghanistan has slowed as the Biden administration has bounced from one self-inflicted crisis to another over the last month. But today, news broke that directly implicates the president’s decision-making, which either came via incompetence or political expediency.


Following the disastrous withdrawal which left 13 Americans dead at the hands of a suicide bomber in Kabul, speculation began to arise regarding exactly where the mass of ISIS-K fighters in the area came from. Now, it has been confirmed that the bomber was released from Bagram Air Base, which Biden inexplicably abandoned prior to completing the evacuation made necessary by his blunders.

How long has the White House been aware of this? That’s a question that needs to be answered because if they’ve hidden this information to avoid embarrassment, it makes things even worse. The president’s military advisors were telling Biden to leave 2,500 troops in the area to maintain stability. That force would have been mostly based at Bagram, which we ended up handing to the Taliban.

And while “experts” swear that the Taliban and ISIS-K are sworn enemies, why would the Taliban release ISIS-K prisoners if that’s true? A lot being said doesn’t make sense, and that’s likely because what is being said by government officials is meant to cover Biden’s backside, not to tell the truth of the situation as it was and is on the ground.


What we do know based on this latest revelation, without a shadow of a doubt, is that the deaths of those 13 Americans and hundreds of Afghans were preventable. Had Biden been less worried about an arbitrary deadline, which he himself set, proper security could have been provided. Perhaps, even the Afghan military could have been propped up a little longer. Most importantly, dangerous terrorists wouldn’t have been dumped out onto the streets with no plan in place to contain them.

This was a failure at all levels, and that includes the military and diplomatic leadership, from Mark Milley to Antony Blinken. But most of all, this was a failure of leadership at the top. Biden has never been right about a foreign policy issue in all of his 50 years in government. He’s a failed, mediocrity of a politician who stumbled his way to the presidency. And while we are all paying the price for that in many ways, the 13 American families who lost their loved ones paid the ultimate one. That shouldn’t be forgotten.


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