Latest Approval Poll Shows Biden in Total Collapse

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I almost hate to discuss political ramifications in the midst of Joe Biden’s costly, deadly screw-up in Afghanistan because the stakes are so high, but that’s part of what we do here and the last thing this president deserves is a pass. On that note, the American people do not seem to be giving him one.


The latest USA Today/Suffolk poll shows Biden disapproval at an abysmal 41% with 55% disapproving. The numbers on his handling of Afghanistan are even worse.

By my count, this is the 5th straight poll that shows Biden under 50% in approval, but this one is far worse than the other ones (Rasmussen, for example, has him at 46% approval). 41% approval is reaching the depths that former President Donald Trump and former President George W. Bush reached in their lowest moments. This is not the kind of damage that is just repaired overnight either. In fact, it’s the kind of damage that is rarely repaired.

I know it’s taboo to be confident about anything in politics, but we are quickly getting to a point where it’s not a matter of if Republicans retake Congress next year, but by how large of a margin. The last bastion of Biden’s presidency was his supposed competence. That illusion has been destroyed by this latest debacle, and repeated attempts to shift back to COVID aren’t working. In fact, COVID is becoming a negative issue for the president as well given we are now seeking spikes that can only be placed solely at his feet and not his predecessor’s. Remember, COVID was supposed to be over on July 4th. How’s that going?


Telling people to give up their rights and stumping for vaccine mandates is only going to hurt Biden further. Past that, the situation in Afghanistan, as bad as it is now, has not reached its peak. We are about to leave thousands of Americans behind, and when that happens, the Taliban are going to use them as hostages. If you thought Jimmy Carter’s Iran hostage crisis was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Lastly, I haven’t even gotten into the economic issues, including the out-of-control inflation. This is, by far, the worst first eight months for a president I’ve ever seen. For his part, Biden isn’t doing anything but doubling down on terrible policy decisions. Mix in the backlash to woke-ness that I expect to occur and the 2022 Democrat bloodbath looms large. Get your popcorn ready.


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