The Biden Administration Just Surrendered at the Border and Signaled the Worst Is Yet to Come

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Over the weekend, news broke that the Biden administration was preparing to conduct a massive airlift of illegal immigrant Haitians that had rushed the border en masse at Del Rio, TX. Per the report, repatriation flights to Haiti for those camped out under a bridge (which marks the border entry point) would begin on Sunday. The numbers were estimated at around 15,000 illegal immigrants all in that single area.


When I wrote on that story, I asked if Joe Biden and his cohorts had finally reached their breaking point on the border crisis. After all, the videos were shocking, with people freely crossing the border to set up in what looked like a third-world refugee camp.

Well, we have our answer, and it amounts to a full-blown surrender at the border.

The obvious question is what “many” constitutes here as far as how many of the illegal immigrants who rushed the border will be allowed in. We now have the first numbers per Miranda Devine over at the New York, and they are infuriating.


All that angst about Biden supposedly treating Haitians differently compared to Central Americans was for naught. It appears the same old policies that have led us to this point of crisis are still in effect. Anyone that arrives as a “family” is being let go into the interior on the dime of taxpayers. And to be sure, you can bet a lot of people who aren’t actually family are claiming to be to game the system. There’s no way to truly vet or check the identities of these people.

What the Biden administration’s cowardice has done is not only surrender the border but signal that the worst is yet to come. Why would any mass of illegal immigrants forgo crossing now? They’ve been shown that there is no line that can be crossed that will cause mass deportations. Want to organize as thousands of people crossing in a mass while setting up shanty towns under a bridge? Even that isn’t a bridge too far for this administration. They are just going to process them and let almost all of them in. The bat signal was just sent up and more and more illegal immigration will follow.

I get having sympathy for people, and as someone whose been to Haiti many times, I understand the hardship there, but this is not sustainable. It was one thing when it was Mexicans and Central Americans crossing. At least they were making the journey as individual groups, crossing in remote areas while walking across a continuous landmass. This issue with Haiti is that it has shown that you can fly into Mexico from anywhere in the world and gain entry into the United States. The economic and national security implications are massive.


And Joe Biden couldn’t be bothered to even address it. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris, who was put in charge of the border crisis is nowhere to be found. Last I saw, she was ranting about taxpayer-funded childcare on Twitter. Our leaders live in a different universe. Nations can not exist like this.



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