Biden's Handlers Need to Get Him Back in the Basement

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden’s handlers need to find a basement for him, and there’s no time to waste. Things went off the rails yesterday after he appeared on Capitol Hill and effectively blew up negotiations within his own party. I’m not even sure how he did it, but Biden managed to undercut both Nancy Pelosi and Joe Manchin — despite those two being on opposite ends of the reconciliation issue. Truly, Biden has a world-class talent for screwing things up.


After his excursion, when he was pressed on his ineptitude, he managed to joke about the various crises that have engulfed the nation over the last two months. You know, because a collapsing nation is funny or something. He couldn’t be more tone-deaf if he tried.

First, why is this man going back to Delaware again so soon? Does he not have actual duties as president to attend to? What exactly do we pay him for? The country is in the midst of its most chaotic period in over a decade, from the Afghanistan disaster to the border crisis to COVID-19, and Biden keeps running away to do what, exactly? It’s highly suspicious at this point that he has to leave the White House so often.

And that’s what makes his answer in that clip so silly. Yeah, it’s insensitive to laugh and joke about serious crises that cost people their lives, but Biden being an awkward, senile old man is nothing new. But what exactly does Hurricane Ida, which happened over a month ago, have to do with his ineptness as the leader of his own party today? Biden is not burning the midnight oil, engrossed in meetings, interviews, and planning sessions. Instead, he’s at his Delaware home half the time, doing who knows what, while the nation moves forward as a rudderless ship.

If anyone has had the time to rally support for his agenda, it’s Joe Biden himself. The man quite literally has nothing else to do, or at least he’s incapable of doing anything else.


Besides, almost all the crises he’s giggling about are a direct result of his own incompetence. No one made him bungle Afghanistan. No one forced him to spread a fake story about whips instead of enforcing the border. Certainly, he had a choice to not blow out the spending and cause crushing inflation. All of that is a result of Biden imposing his “leadership” on the country.

His brief return to the spotlight over the last few days has only highlighted how much better off we all are, if he’s not seen nor heard from. When he’s not blowing things up domestically, he’s diminishing his country’s standing on the world stage. Our enemies look at Biden and laugh, knowing they can push him far further than they could push Donald Trump. These are the costs of having a president who isn’t really the president, so find the nearest basement and lock him in it. At least that might limit some of his damage.


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