Did Matt Walsh Just Pull off the Most Epic Troll of the Year?

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The insanity that permeates school districts throughout the country has finally become a major issue, with Republicans beginning to take the fight to school boards and other officials. That’s been driven by a realization that while priorities have been focused nationally, things like Critical Race Theory and transgender ideology have become pervasive locally. Better late than never, I suppose.


Enter The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who may have just pulled off the most epic troll of the year.

Walsh has been planning a rally in Loudoun County, VA for several weeks to protest the school board and some of the degenerate policies and materials they’ve pushed on children. From CRT curriculum to books promoting pedophilia, Loudoun County is truly at the tip of the spear when it comes to the far-left craziness that has taken hold of so many school districts.

In response to Walsh’s rally, the school board voted to first push the time of the meeting back to conflict with the rally. Walsh responded by changing the time of his event, clearing the way for people to attend the school board meeting to speak out. That’s when the school board changed the rules at the last minute so that only those who live in Loudoun County would be let in the door.

Then this happened.

You gotta love it.

Props where props are due. Walsh baited the hook, got the school board to change its rules, and then was ready and waiting to spring his trap. Now, they will be forced to turn him away contrary to the very rules they put in place, and no doubt they will. I just can’t imagine a scenario where they actually let Walsh speak. Still, the blow will have been landed as this is going to go viral if it already hasn’t and far more attention will be paid to what’s happening there than otherwise would have.


And while some may say this is just low-rent trolling, I say it’s a good thing for Republicans to not only get involved locally but to do so in creative ways. Yes, Walsh doesn’t live in Loudoun County, but neither do most of the Democrats fighting against Mississippi’s new abortion law. Do you see that stopping them? In order to start winning battles, Republicans can’t keep handicapping themselves by allowing the other side to play by a different set of rules. Loudoun County is ground zero in the battle against rogue school boards, and resources need to be expended.

In the end, nothing is more important in our political environment than protecting children. For far too long, Republicans (and parents in general) have sat idly by while deranged, narcissistic “educators” indoctrinated their children into all kinds of harmful lunacy. The introduction of CRT and transgender ideology was obviously a wake-up call, and this is no time to go back to sleep.



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