The White House Had to Cut off Joe Biden's Feed Again

Joe Biden’s public appearances have not been going well lately. And that’s not to say they were previously going well, but things have certainly gotten worse. That was evidenced by the insulting, tone-deaf performance he put on at the Flight 93 memorial on 9/11. The president launched into a series of weird, partisan attacks amid an angry, defensive flurry on a day that was supposed to be reserved for solemn remembrance.


Today, Biden was in California stumping for Gov. Gavin Newsom while Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan. In doing so, he held a briefing regarding the wildfires occurring in the state and began to go off-script, trying to ask questions of one of the officials present. It was at that moment that the White House felt it necessary to just completely cut the feed.

This is very similar to the White House cutting the president’s audio feed some weeks back when he began to take questions from reporters without permission from his handlers. That led to an embarrassing spectacle in which it was reported that he made a joke regarding those still trapped in Afghanistan at the time.

So what did Biden want to ask here? Well, we don’t know, but we know the sign language lady was still going nuts as the feed was cut. It was also obvious that the meeting was not over. Biden begins, in a painfully slow manner to share what he’s been “working on with some others” and then the White House just shuts things down.

Now, perhaps the question was nothing ridiculous. Maybe the president even managed to stay sentient in his query of the official and received a good answer. But the point here is that the White House is so freaked out by Biden’s past behavior that they don’t even want to take the chance of him going off-script at this point. His handlers have literally surmised that it’s preferable to cut the video feed prematurely, even if that raises questions than to even take the risk of his brain breaking again for the cameras.


Does that sound like we have a president capable of upholding the duties of his office? Rather, it sounds like we have a nursing home patient being led around and tightly controlled while others pull the strings and make the decisions. That’s not how our system is supposed to work. Yet, here we are, suffering the results of far too many Americans supporting a man who was suffering from clear mental decline and is only getting worse.

I’m sure this will all work out great for the country, though.


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