Joe Biden Just Had His Worst 24-Hours of Polling and There's No End in Sight

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden’s presidency is collapsing. That’s been my supposition for the last several weeks of chaos most starkly illustrated by what happened in Afghanistan, where Americans still remain abandoned and 13 US service members were murdered.


It’s not just foreign policy, though. Inflation woes have only worsened while COVID deaths are now higher today than they were at this time last year when Donald Trump was president.

We were promised a return of competency, normalcy, and an end to the pandemic. What we got was the current mix of ineptitude, predictable as it may have been given the Washington establishment’s prior track record.

Now, we are starting to get consistent data points showing that the supposition regarding all that turmoil and failure has become reality. Biden’s presidency is indeed collapsing, and unlike the Taliban’s foreseeable advance in Afghanistan, it’s happening far quicker than anyone could have predicted.


Here’s Biden’s polling situation in just the last 24-hours.

Biden also dropped to just 44% approval in the latest ABC News/The Washington Post poll. That makes four polls showing him at 46% or below in just the last day.

Where does Biden do the worst? Obviously, Afghanistan is a huge drag on him right now, with an overwhelming majority disapproving of his handling of the withdrawal in all these polls. But it’s his former firewall of COVID approval that may be the most consequential. Whereas he used to consistently remain above water specifically because of his handling of COVID, he’s now falling below 50% on that point fairly often now. Add in the fact that most blame him for the current inflation that’s nailing the middle-class and you get an idea of how his overall approval has tanked so much.

So where does Biden go from here? I don’t think he goes anywhere. There’s no reason to believe there’s an end in sight to his downfall. When a president drops into the mid-low 40s in approval, they typically languish. Remember, this is a president with no natural base outside of possibly African-Americans. Many of the people that voted for him did it as a compromise because they didn’t like Donald Trump. They have little reason to stick around now, and history says presidential approval has a major impact on the mid-terms.


I think Biden’s implosion doesn’t just impact him, but it sets up the Democrats for an absolute beating in 2022. A red wave was already probable, but it’s quickly reaching imminent territory.



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