The UN Announces Its Next Ritual Screwing of American Taxpayers

(Manuel Elias/United Nations via AP)

While Americans remained trapped in Afghanistan, including being held hostage, the Taliban are busy making international connections to help prop up their new regime. It wasn’t enough that American taxpayers gave the terrorist government tens of billions of dollars in high-tech military equipment. Now, they are going to make sure and fleece us even after we are gone.


To make sure that happens, the United Nations has announced a meeting with the Taliban, and that meeting included the promise to keep shoveling money into the bottomless pit that is Afghanistan.

A normal person might ask why aid should ever be impartially administered, especially when you are dealing with a country now run by terrorists. But we aren’t dealing with normal people. Rather, the UN is made up of a bunch of hypocritical, virtue-signaling tyrants that enjoy sticking their fingers in the eye of the United States. And because the world’s former top super-power is run by pushovers who never want to rock the board, the US will take its punishment and promptly ask for another.

Meanwhile, the US taxpayer gets screwed as they overwhelming pay the highest percentage of the UNs funding compared to any other nation on earth. So just to recap, we lost a war in Afghanistan after spending $2 trillion dollars there in military assistance and civilian aid, and now we get to give that country more money, except this time it’s run by people that ally with Al Qaeda. Just brilliant.


An America First foreign policy would really come in handy right now. One that prioritizes responsibility with taxpayer money and doesn’t just give boatloads of it to the UN so it can’t be handed over to terrorists. And don’t kid yourself, there is no such thing as “impartial aid.” Everything that happens in Afghanistan will go through the Taliban, and they will be getting their cut as always. It wasn’t enough that we lost a 20-year war to these people. Now, we have to pay for their retirement too.

We are run by the dumbest people.


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