It Begins: Planes of Americans and Afghan Allies Currently Being Held Hostage by Taliban

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

Joe Biden is on vacation in Delaware despite the fact that there are an unknown number of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan, not to mention thousands of Afghan allies to whom we had an obligation who were also left.


Biden’s own officials put the number at about 200 people (although they tried to argue it was closer to 100). But 100, 200, or likely far more — he shouldn’t be on vacation. He should be working around the clock to get them out.

Despite the fact that Joe doesn’t seem to care, others do and have been working to try to get folks out. A variety of NGOs, members of Congress, and veterans groups have been doing all they can to help the stranded Americans.

But now there’s word that one effort to rescue people is being stopped by those very guys that the Biden administration described as “helpful” — the Taliban.

CBS Foreign Affairs correspondent Eena Ruffini said that there are multiple flights of hundreds of evacuees, including 19 Americans, trying to get out in Mazar-i-Sharif being held up by the Taliban.


The critical tweet there: “The Taliban is basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans,” a senior congressional source told CBS. You knew that was coming after what Biden did and here it is — 19 Americans and hundreds of other Americans not being allowed to leave. And Biden is on vacation again. This has now flat out moved into hostage-taking, as anyone could have predicted.


Rep. Michael McCaul also confirmed this story during an interview on Fox with Chris Wallace. McCaul suggested that they might be angling to hold the people in exchange for official recognition of the government of the Taliban.

But this is the position that Joe Biden has now left us in because of his folly. And yes, you can absolutely then see the Biden team conceding to this and/or leaving these Americans and Afghans to twist in the wind.


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