The UN's Response to Afghanistan Proves the Organization Is a Long-Running Joke

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

The United Nations is ineffective and incompetent at best, complicit and destructive at worst. Where their latest statement on Afghanistan falls between those two points is your call, but one thing is for sure, it’s utterly and horrendously stupid.


As posted by The Hill’s Laura Kelly, the UN Security Council released a statement that called for — and this is not a joke — “full, equal and meaningful participation of women” in Afghanistan’s new government currently being violently taken over by the terrorist group, the Taliban.

As highlighted by The Hill’s Laura Kelly, the UN did not specifically say that the new government was under the Taliban, just that it needs to allow women to take part in how the government is run:

To be clear, the Taliban is not an organization that is remotely kind to women. It hardly sees them as people. Under the Taliban, sex slavery is very, very common. Women are treated more like cattle than people. They have no rights and are forbidden from getting an education.

So, do they truly think the Taliban will allow women to participate in the Democratic process. Thanks to a clip by a Vice report where the Taliban was interviewed about this very thing, we already have the answer.


It’s likely that the United Nations already knows this fact, but is unwilling to go so far as to demand from the Taliban themselves that they practice equality. This is the same UN Security Council that condemns Israel whenever they so much as sneeze but will go quiet as a church mouse the moment actual human rights violations occur from entities like the Palestinian Authority.

When the Taliban take full control of Afghanistan, it will lazily issue declarations about the need for equality and speak grand words about how human rights must be respected, but it’s highly unlikely that it will actually do anything that would matter.


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