Dan Crenshaw's Office Good and Fully Wrecks CNN's Biden Simping 'Fact-Checker'

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Some days ago, CNN’s resident “fact-checker” guy, Daniel Dale, decided to target a piece I wrote on Biden appearing to fall asleep while meeting with the Israeli PM. What the video showed was the president’s head hanging with eyes closed for over 30 seconds while Naftali Bennett awkwardly kept glancing.


Now, because I’m fair-minded and value accuracy, I noted in that piece that I didn’t know for sure if Biden was actually asleep. Rather, I said it “appeared” he was because, well, it appeared he was. And whether he was entering the REM cycle or just resting his eyes, it was a weird moment thrown on top of a lot of weird moments over the last seven months regarding Biden’s physical and mental acuity.

Regardless, what struck me the most about Dale’s rush to “fact-check” what I had said (he obviously didn’t even read the article) is the sheer pedantic nature of it all. We were, and still are, in the midst of a deadly Biden administration failure that has been laced with blatant lies and ommissions. Yet, CNN’s fact-checker has nothing better to do than go “nuh-uh, he just had his eyes closed?”

But Dale wasn’t done in his quest to become Biden’s #1 simp. Over the past few days, he’s become obsessed with the fact that some Republicans thought the Taliban had hung a man from a helicopter. In my story on the video in question, I noted that it looked like he was being hung from a harness, but still, I don’t blame anyone for thinking otherwise given 1) who the Taliban are and 2) what it looked like on the video.


Dale took great offense to that slight against the Taliban, though, and he went so far as to reach out to Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s office over the matter. As you can see, real finger on the pulse stuff.

This was the response.

That left CNN’s fact-checker so shaken that he took to Twitter to whine about the fact that Crenshaw’s comms director had no interest in answering his questions until Dale fact-checked the key lie of the entire Afghanistan debacle. Note the weasel language being used in describing Biden’s lie as “a certain Biden comment” instead of admitting Discigil is right.

But for Dale, actually going hard at Biden is a bridge too far. He’s got a reputation to maintain, after all. So instead of showing some semblance of shame and actually doing his job for once, Dale tripled down by going after Donald Trump Jr. over a Twitter banner.

Because these are the issues of our time or something.


In summary, the fact-checking industry is a joke. Dale is not a journalist, he’s not non-partisan, and he’s not holding powerful people to account. Rather, he’s a lapdog for the left, ready to nip at the heels at anyone who would dare commit the cardinal sin of making fun of Joe Biden. The reason he went so nuts over the Taliban/helicopter story is simple. He saw it as harmful to the administration because it painted the Taliban, who Biden has basically allied with, as evil. But we already know the Taliban are evil, and we certainly know that the president is solely responsible for the absolute cluster that has occurred over the last month in Afghanistan.

Dale may not want to do his job in pointing that out, but the rest of us will pick up the slack.



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