Horrific Video and Audio Show the Toll of Suicide Bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan

As RedState reported earlier, multiple explosions have been reported in Afghanistan causing the American evacuation effort to effectively be shut down. And while reports are that 13 people have been killed in the suicide bombings that happened outside the Kabul airport, a horrific video is now circulating showing that the toll is likely far higher.


The video, which appears to be taken outside the Abbey Gate, shows piles of mangled bodies. Because a second bomb went off 200 yards away at the Barron Hotel, this is likely only a small snapshot of the total carnage.

Thankfully, the video is mostly censored, but what you are looking at is still abundantly clear.

At one point, you see a body with American military gear on the outside of the censored area of the video. Whether that’s a Taliban guard in American equipment (which is common right now) or an actual American soldier is unknown, but they appear to be lifeless.

Reports are that children are dead as well, with at least 30 people at the hospital wounded. The numbers are going to go way up on this attack as things develop further. We still haven’t gotten any real reports from the hotel that was bombed, and you can imagine what that scene looks like given that was a place where Americans were gathering for evacuation (a helicopter rescue occurred there just days ago).


Fox News also spoke with an eye-witness that was a translator for the US Marines who described what he saw. He had a child die in his arms and is now ferrying people to the hospital.

This is just absolutely terrible. Not only are dozens of people now dead, likely including Americans, but those who are stranded are now going to be left behind. Meanwhile, American troops remain in the crosshairs as well.

The question is what happens now? There has to be a response, likely a military one, right? I can’t imagine even Joe Biden can ignore this. He promised back on August 20th that a force would be used if we were attacked. Well, we’ve been attacked.

Taking back Bagram AFB should obviously be in the cards, and the Taliban need to be held accountable for allowing this to happen. The Kabul airport is surrounded by Taliban checkpoints. A coordinated suicide attack did not just sneak through all that security. That this bombing just so happens to accomplish the Taliban goal of getting people to disperse at the airport shouldn’t be lost on anyone.


Things are about to get really bad in Afghanistan, and Americans remain caught in the middle. One man owns it all — Joesph R. Biden.


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