Yikes: Joe Biden Loses It on a CNN Reporter in Shocking, Senile Meltdown

Joe Biden’s summit with Putin, like the rest of his European tour, has been an absolute disaster. Putin denied he’s behind cyberattacks and gave no ground on anything. Meanwhile, Biden has lifted sanctions and greenlit Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. And while some in the media desperately tried to spin the meeting as a show of Biden’s strength, the rest of us saw what really happened.


Apparently, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, who made her name battling former President Donald Trump, noticed it, too. She tried to question Biden on why he has any confidence in Putin. What followed was absolutely surreal. Biden ripped into her, insulting her multiple times while completely undermining his prior tenor about the summit.

Look, Biden is senile. Given that, I expect him to pop off and not be able to control his emotions. But this is so far gone that it’s genuinely shocking to watch. Not only does he insult her multiple times in the beginning, but he insults her again as he’s walking off in a huff. Needless to say, if a Republican treated a female reporter like this, it’d be the top story on CNN for the next two years straight. I mean that literally — they wouldn’t stop talking about it for two years. This is that bad.

What’s so ironic is that Collins is a staunch defender of the Biden White House. She’s just about as partisan as it gets when it comes to White House correspondents. Biden, likely not even knowing who she is because he’s senile, launches into her anyway. It’s not like her question was unfair. In fact, it was teed up for Biden to calmly lower expectations while appearing to be in control. Instead, the guy has an absolute meltdown.


The real question is how the media are going to respond to this. As I shared this morning, the press corps were already perturbed at Biden for how he treated them during the summit, allowing Russian security to forcibly remove them from the meeting room. Now, he’s yelling at friendly media outlets like he’s off his meds, probably because he’s actually off his meds. Will they go hard at him for this attack on freedom of the press? Will Brian Stelter, whose beat is supposedly covering the media, condemn this vicious assault of one of his network’s own reporters?

I think we know the answer to that. The media, like they always do, will fall in line. Perhaps we’ll get a couple of meek denouncements, but it’ll stop there and they’ll be back to licking his boots in no time.


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