The Press Go Wild at Psaki Presser and Show the Authoritarianism Is the Point

Perhaps one of the most ludicrous claims of the last few years is that the news industry still represents a bulwark against government tyranny and exists to help preserve the freedom of Americans. Instead, over and over, the press has shown themselves to value dictatorial pronouncements from their chosen politicians over speaking out for individual rights.


That was made clear again yesterday during White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s press briefing. Imagine being so radical and subservient to government power that you would actually beg the Biden administration to exercise more of it over you.

Here’s PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor, perhaps the most shamelessly biased reporter in Washington, to start things off.

When even the CDC’s non-scientific, overly conservative approach (which doesn’t endorse the efficacy of natural immunity, for example) isn’t overbearing enough for you, perhaps the United States’s government just isn’t the system for you? Never mind that the CDC does not have the power to issue mask and vaccine mandates. That might be a detail you’d expect a journalist to be concerned with. Yamiche isn’t, though. Rather, she’s actually accusing the Biden White House of not going far enough, a mind-blowing insinuation in and of itself.

Then there was Kaitlin Collins of CNN stumping for a police state when it comes to unvaccinated Americans.


But remember, these people are vital to our nation and here to safeguard your rights by speaking truth to power and holding government authorities accountable (lol…sorry, I almost spit my drink out).

Here’s the reality: For the press, the authoritarianism is the point. But it’s not just because they crave being told what to do by politicians they slavishly support, all while claiming to have no biases. It’s also about the impact or lack thereof on their own lives.

Alcindor has her fat, tax-payer subsidized check from PBS. She lives inside the beltway and has the right friends. To her, what happens to someone in Ohio or Texas is irrelevant. She feels fully insulated from the consequences of any government overreach and is therefore comfortable with not only endorsing it but pushing for it. Bad precedents? That’s not of concern to her because she’s convinced it will never affect her. The same is true of Collins, who went from right-wing media to living fully within the CNN bubble.


In short, the press is not a valuable entity, necessary for the preservation of the republic. Rather, it exists as an actual threat to individual rights and freedoms within the United States. These are people that would clap like seals if the White House violated the Constitution tomorrow and mandated COVID vaccinations. The press will not be there when normal Americans need an advocate to protect individual liberties, even if decisions made under those liberties are deemed unwise by some. Instead, journalists will be sitting on the sidelines cheering the government on as Alcindor and Collins made abundantly clear in their questioning of Psaki.

Not that you needed to hear this from me to know it’s true, but the press are not your friends.


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