Joe Biden Pops off About Sucking Blood From Kids in Incredibly Odd Exchange

This guy just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Joe Biden doesn’t like tough questions (see Yikes: Joe Biden Loses It on CNN Reporter in Shocking, Senile Meltdown). Heck, if this clip I’m about to share with you is any indication, he doesn’t like questions period. And can you blame him? He’s used to having the press fawn over his choice of ice cream flavor.


So when a reporter dares to actually do their job, Biden often gets defensive. That happened again, but this time, the president’s retort devolved into the exceedingly odd.

Yeah, that’s uh…creepy.

There are two parts to this. To start, the question is obviously legitimate. Lots of people in the Democrat Party, including high-level Congressional members, have stumped for defunding the police. For the far-left, such a position has become orthodoxy. Biden has danced around the issue, but that doesn’t relieve him of the responsibility to answer for what others in his party are pushing. Republicans are always expected to answer for every random comment made by any GOP member down to dog catcher. Biden throwing a temper tantrum over being asked about a mainline position in his party makes him look weak.

Past that, what Biden says doesn’t even make sense. The question was: “Are there people in the Democrat Party who want to defund the police.” The answer is obviously β€œyes,” and that’s been documented extensively. Yet, Biden pops off about…Republicans accusing Democrats of sucking blood from children? Except the question wasn’t about what Republicans say. Rather, it was a direct question about what Democrats themselves are saying.


Perhaps his answer is part of some weird fantasy he’s been suppressing or maybe he’s just clumsily trying to suggest Republicans are making up the Democrat position on defunding the police. Either way, it’s something he should have kept to himself. A simple “no comment” would have sufficed.

Besides, I’ve been assured that Biden is a return to “normal” and a restorer of decorum. Does any of this seem normal to you? If Donald Trump said something like that to the press, CNN would lose their mind for a week straight speculating on whether he was really a serial killer. With Biden, they just thank him for his abuse and move on. He is a man who can not control his emotions. Chalk that up to his senility or something worse, but it’s long past the point of being a trend.


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