The FBI Just Took Another Gut Punch Over the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

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Yesterday, disturbing news broke that the FBI didn’t just have informants working within the Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping” plot, something that would be expected, but that FBI agents allegedly had a role in birthing the plot, helping plan it, and encouraging others to join in. That led to serious questions about the FBI’s motivations involving the case and whether the actions taken were above board.


Now, the bureau has taken another gut punch over the entire ordeal, this time involving the FBI agent at the center of the DOJ’s prosecution of those involved in the plot.

This via The Detroit News.

An FBI agent at the center of the plot to kidnap and kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is accused of jumping on his wife in bed and smashing her head against a nightstand after a dispute stemming from a swingers’ party, according to court records.

Special Agent Richard Trask, 39, of Kalamazoo, was charged Monday with assault with intent to do great bodily harm, less than murder following an incident Sunday.

An affidavit filed by the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office in Kalamazoo County District Court said Trask’s wife had bloody lacerations to the right side of her head and “blood all over chest, clothing arms and hand,” as well as “severe” bruising to her neck and throat.


They are really hiring the best over at the FBI’s HR department, aren’t they?

Trask has been the public persona for the case for the past year, having infiltrated the group and delivering recordings of alleged plotters. He’s been the one testifying in court and has worked for the FBI since 2011. He was also allowed to own a gym, something that is unusual given FBI agents can’t usually moonlight.

Trask’s alleged violent attack on his wife is certainly going to complicate the prosecution’s case. There were already serious questions about whether the kidnapping plot would have existed without the FBI’s involvement and if they egged it on. Now, a witness who was supposed to serve as the cornerstone of the case has had his credibility destroyed. If this man is capable of beating his wife, the defense isn’t going to have a hard time pushing the idea that he is capable of violating protocol or lying to make a case.

For their part, those charged in the kidnapping plot claim the FBI entrapped them and that they were just loudmouths with no intention of actually doing anything. Whether that’s true or not, Trask will now take center-stage in their defense.


Another day, another FBI scandal. While it’d take real effort to be as bad as James Comey, current FBI Dir. Christopher Wray is certainly doing his best to get there. The Trump appointee has stonewalled legitimate investigations into the conduct of the bureau. He’s also propagated the evidence-free notion that white supremacy is the preeminent domestic threat of our time. Meanwhile, his agency can’t be bothered to go after violent far-left groups like Antifa, and that’s assuming Wray will even admit they exist.


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