Joe Biden's Fears Are Expressed and They Show How Far Gone He Is

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden is scared, but it’s what he’s scared of that shows just how far gone he is. I’ll dive into that contention shortly, but first, let’s get to the news story here: According to The Washington Post, the president is concerned that Republican attacks on the White House over the border crisis will resonate with voters.

This comes as the illegal immigration issue at the border reaches astronomical levels, with crossings dwarfing anything seen under the Trump administration.

There are a few parts to this.

To begin, Biden should be scared. Illegal immigration, contrary to the conventional wisdom at the time, ended up being a major factor in Donald Trump winning the GOP primary and ultimately the presidency. It’s not 2008 anymore, where border issues don’t really animate large swaths of voters. Illegal immigration may not be higher than the economy on the list of issues people care about, but for Republicans and many independents, it’s still way up there.

The more chaos at the border, the more incompetent the Democrats, including Joe Biden, look. That kind of failure will have a major impact in 2022 and 2024 if things don’t change, and that’s assuming it’s not already too late to undo the damage caused. I’m of the mind that it likely is.

Past that, the very fact that Biden is so concerned about the political ramifications here and not, you know, the actual on-the-ground ramifications of the border crisis speaks to how truly far gone he is. If there was any hope left that Biden would govern as a moderate among the naive, right-of-center wing that fluffed him prior to 2020, that has to be gone now. This is not a president who is going to look at a problem and solve that problem. Rather, he’s so compromised that he looks at a problem and immediately thinks “how does this affect me?”

If Biden weren’t so thoroughly controlled by the left-wing of his party, the simple answer here would be to just fix the border. I realize that’s easier said than done, but much of the flow could be stemmed by simply reinstating the Remain in Mexico policy, quickly rejecting fraudulent asylum claims, and allowing the expedited deportation of those who are detained for crossing illegally. But if Biden tried to do that, it would enrage his voters, and more importantly, his handlers who actually run the show.

At this point, it should be clear that Biden is simply along for the ride. If he were truly concerned about receiving blowback for the border crisis, he would take action to fix the border crisis. That he’s instead looking for another way out of the consequences of his actions is evidence of the lack of morality his White House operates with. He’s more worried about appeasing his left flank than stopping the dangerous, sometimes deadly human trafficking of children, and in the end, he’s not going to be able to escape the political ramifications of that no matter how hard he tries.