White House Gives Astonishing Reason for Joe Biden Backtracking on Border 'Crisis' Pronouncement

AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

In the past few days, Joe Biden finally stated the obvious, noting that what is currently happening at the border is a full-blown crisis. Right now, we are seeing a surge of not just unaccompanied minors, but regular illegal immigration as well. Facilities are overloaded, and ICE is set to release more and more families into the interior without any repercussions whatsoever.


But if you thought sanity might be prevailing, the White House decided to pull the rug out from under that idea today. Their reasoning should leave you questioning whether Joe Biden is even actually president.

This is unbelievable. Biden’s handlers just asserted that the president’s own words don’t represent the official position of the White House. Has there ever been a more stark piece of evidence that the president isn’t actually the president than this? If Biden’s own words aren’t to be believed, then what’s even the point?

Of course, we all suspect what’s really going on here. Biden is just a figurehead, and that’s hardly breaking news. He’s being strung along and fed policies by a group of handlers who are really running the show. I’d be surprised if Biden even has any real understanding of what’s happening down at the border. He’s certainly not directing any real response to the current crisis. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris, appointed to handle the situation, is off crocheting and telling bad jokes.


I have no idea how this charade is kept up for the next four years. And to think, Biden is actually suggesting he’s going to run again. Anyone want to place any bets on that? What’s going on at the border is serious. CBP and ICE need real leadership. Instead, they are getting a flailing, senile old man giving commentary that his own handlers have to then walk back. I’d also ask why it needed to be walked back? Why is telling the truth such a scandalous possibility for the Biden White House? Americans see the videos. They see the pictures. They know what’s going on, and it’s not good.

Right now we literally have a president whose own words can’t be accepted as the policy of his own White House. Think about that and then maybe shed a tear or two for the country.


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