New Revelations Show How Absolutely Dangerous Our Military Leadership Has Become

The descent into leftism of our current military brass has been a much-discussed topic lately. As RedState reported previously, the woke ad campaigns belittle the mission and make a mockery of the readiness of our military. While China grows a more capable Navy and prioritizes physical ability, the US Army and other branches are out there plugging for people with anxiety disorder and gay parents.


But just in case you thought our military leadership was delusional enough, a new book reveals just how insane they were and continue to be.

Apparently, Gen. Milley, most recently made famous for backing critical race theory in the military, and other generals hatched a plan to resign in sequence had Donald Trump tried to stage a coup. Yes, these absolute imbeciles seriously believed the former president was going to order them to institute a military takeover of the country. All this was happening while they were ignoring orders to help bring peace during the riots summer of 2020.

I think Mollie Hemingway sums up my feelings on this perfectly.


Agreed. This is it profoundly concerning, dangerous even, that these crazy people, so absorbed with their politics that they are ignoring objective reality, are in charge of the nation’s military forces. What happens if a President Ron DeSantis tries to take office in January of 2025 and these political actors decide they can’t relent because of “interference in our elections?” And don’t doubt that these people would try to pull off such a stunt. They did everything but that after Trump won in 2016, including weaponizing the intelligence community, something that continues today with the revelations involving the NSA and Tucker Carlson.

Pay attention to the language of the left. We are constantly hearing that if certain bills don’t pass that “democracy” will be lost to fascism. These people are so deluded that they’ve convinced themselves that their every political want is actually a righteous defense of the nation. That mindset has no boundaries. Given that, why would I ever believe a lunatic like Milley has any either when he espouses the same, shared ideology in public hearings?

Further, it was known for years that Milley was consistently undermining the Trump administration. That he was never fired is a profound failure. At the point where he started cussing out Trump advisors suggesting the use of the National Guard to quell riots in 2020, he should have been relieved of his duties. I know it’s uncomfortable to talk about some of the failures of the Trump administration, but that was a big one along with not fired Dr. Fauci in April. These are lessons that must be learned going forward. Whoever is the president in 2024, if it’s a Republican, must clean house completely. No taking the word of establishment figures on hirings, no nods to the supposedly unbiased nature of the military brass, and no excuses for keeping careerists in positions of power.


Our bureaucracy, including the military, is broken and compromise. Bold action must be taken when possible to fix it.


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