The Military Gets Woke, and Tucker Carlson Exposes Them

There are apparently no institutions safe from the throngs of woke-ism. The military is no exception, though I’m not sure anyone was still under that illusion. And while most of its members are simply doing their jobs to help protect the country, some of the leadership are quickly morphing the armed service branches into something that would make Robin DiAngelo proud (if you ever want an example of the uselessness of academic doctorates, she’s the best one).


And no, I’m not exaggerating by citing that quack. The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency actually encouraged his subordinates to read ‘White Fragility,’ an absolutely terrible piece of racist literature written by the white liberal. Tucker Carlson exposed that and more on his show last night.

While we had previously heard last summer that the Army was labeling “Make America Great Again” a “white supremacist” slogan, a lot of the other things he mentions here are newer revelations. For example, I had no idea that the Army even had an “Equity and Inclusion Agency,” likely because that doesn’t seem like something a fighting force should be concerned with. I would assume mission readiness overrides all politically motivated social concerns, yet that sure appears not to be the case anymore.


For example, that inclusion agency is teaching soldiers that celebrating Columbus Day is racist. It’s also racist to believe in “American Exceptionalism.” Essentially, anything that presupposes the United States is a better country and possesses a better way of governance than other nations is now considered bigoted and insensitive.

It’s not just the Army though. As Carlson notes, some months ago a high ranking officer of the Air Force asserted that his “greatest fear” is one of his service members being killed by a racist cop. It’s hard to describe how idiotic and unsubstantiated such a proclamation is. Forget the military for a moment. Racist killings by cops in general are essentially non-existent, though every single instance of a white officer killing a black suspect is spun that way. That includes many obviously justified shootings. Yet, even the most famous of “racist cop killings” in the last year, the George Floyd death, has no actual evidence of racism attached to it. Regardless, the assumption is thoroughly built in because of media bias and grifting race baiters who stand to gain from such a perception. Now, even high ranking officers in the Air Force are repeating these creeds.


Carlson ends by asking if you can protect a nation with a military like this. I suppose you can in the sense that the decline is not going to be total and immediate, but none of this is an encouraging sign. It shows the vast reach that left-wing philosophy has. Nothing and no one is safe from it. Not even Donald Trump, though he tried, could stop it with executive orders and such. Things will now get far worse under Joe Biden. Eventually, this is going to bite us on the national defense front. I just hope it’s not sooner rather than later.

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