Ted Cruz Injects an Inconvenient Reality Into Biden 'Promise' to Iran

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The obsession with Iran that emanated from the Obama administration and continues in the current Biden administration is one of the more confusing aspects of our modern political moment. The third-world, terrorist nation offers essentially nothing in return when it comes to any diplomatic agreement. Yet, the much-ballyhooed and now-defunct “Iran Nuclear Deal” is treated as some kind of gold-standard necessity for peace in our time by those on the left.


After former President Donald Trump exited the deal during his term, it became very clear that Iran never had any intention of abiding by the terms laid out anyway. In fact, Israel made news during that time by obtaining documents that showed Iran was flaunting the JCPOA.

Now, with Joe Biden in charge, the rush to reenter the “deal” is on, and that apparently included a promise to Iran that the United States would not leave the deal again. The problem with that is that it’s not a promise Biden has the power to make.

Ted Cruz introduced that inconvenient reality (for Biden and Iran) to the discussion last night.

As Cruz notes, the only way to make the Iran deal permanent is to submit it to Congress for passage as a treaty. That’s simply not going to happen because there would be nowhere near the level of support needed to pass it. This was a problem Obama dealt with, ultimately not even getting half of the Senate to back him. This means that a future president Ron DeSantis (or whoever it would be if the GOP retakes the White House in 2024) could blow the deal up with the stroke of a pen on the first day in office.

Given that, why is the Biden administration reportedly making promises they can’t keep to a region destabilizing, terrorist state? That’s really the big question, isn’t it? So much of what we see in regards to the Democrat Party and Iran just makes no sense on the surface. That likely leaves the only explanation being something more nefarious. Is it ideological? Is it financial? I have no idea, but I know that someone should be asking exactly what is prompting all this.


There is no logical reason to promise Iran anything, much less that all future administrations will bow to their will. Iran was in dire economic straits until the Biden administration reversed Trump’s policies. The pressure campaign was largely preventing them from developing nuclear weapons. Now, we are looking to give them the green light again?

Cruz is right. Whatever Biden negotiates and signs, he and Iran should expect it to not be in force long. If it doesn’t pass as a treaty — and it won’t even be submitted — it’s a deal with a death date.


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