BREAKING: Israeli Intelligence Obtains Explosive Evidence on Iran's GROWING Nuclear Weapons Program

Israeli Prime Minister presented to the world a treasure trove of intelligence showing that Iran’s nuclear program has not only continued, despite the nuclear deal in place, but actually grown at a faster rate than before the deal was signed.


The revelations come via thousands of documents on more than one hundred CDs Israeli intelligence obtained in an operation in Tehran.

What’s more, the information has already been verified by U.S. intelligence.

The best part of all this is that Bibi has just told the world that his spies can walk into an Iranian nuclear archive, grab some intelligence, and walk out. Iran’s program has now been compromised in ways they could never have dreamed.


As Streiff mentioned earlier, Iran is already upset about this, and they are grumbling very loudly. However, they’ve just been revealed as having lied to the world – a world that was largely on their side over the U.S.’s when conservatives called for our country to pull out of the Iran Deal.


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