John Kennedy Goes Full John Kennedy in Hilarious Takedown of China

With so much bad news out there, from  Biden’s embarrassing G7 performance to the country’s economic woes in the middle of what should be a massive recovery, sometimes you just need to laugh. Luckily, Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana exists, and he launched into one of his master classes on wit recently in a hilarious takedown of China and the World Health Organization.


Here he is talking to Brian Kilmeade on Fox News.

This is both funny and deadly serious. Everything Kennedy says here, while couched in dry humor, happens to be completely true. It is not a viable strategy for the United States to go to China and ask nicely for them to implicate themselves in the killing of millions of people via a leaked virus from their lab. Kennedy’s ripping of Dr. Tedros is also relevant because Joe Biden and our weak, useless European allies all called for the “phase 2” investigation to be led by the World Health Organization. That’s like asking the thief to review the security footage of a robbery. It’s a cop-out by world leaders who don’t really want the truth because then they’d have to react to it. Tedros is a corrupt figure, bought and paid for by China.

China clearly has no intention of cooperating with a real investigation. They’ve been lying from the beginning and with so much of the world shilling for them (including Biden), they have no reason to change course now.

Some might ask where that leaves us. That leaves us with making sound judgments based on the evidence we actually have. For example, we don’t need China to confirm that COVID-19 has never actually been found in bats. We don’t need China to know that three scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology got sick with COVID-like symptoms way back in November of 2019. We don’t need China to analyze the makeup of COVID-19 so as to determine if it could have even occurred in nature. There are lots of things a real, straightforward investigation could look at to come to a conclusion of “high confidence.” Any evidence implicating China at the lab will have already been covered up anyway.


Kennedy is right. Enough of this Washington-way nonsense. Stop relying on corrupt foreigners to do our work for us. Conduct a real investigation with an open mind, look at all the evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, and come to a conclusion on what happens. Biden won’t do that, though, because he’s terrified of the implications. If China is truly pegged for releasing a deadly virus on the world, that means the president and his spineless “allies” would have to actually hold China accountable. Thus, we get this handoff to the WHO that will go nowhere but toward the next part of the cover-up.


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