More Evidence Emerges That Joe Biden Is Not Well

Joe Biden’s disastrous G7 performance has been well documented here at RedState. From his getting played by Vladimir Putin to his partisan rantings against Republicans to his train wreck of a press conference (before his other train wreck of a press conference), it’s been an eventful week.


Unfortunately, it’s not over yet, and more evidence is emerging that the current President of the United States is simply not well.

Let’s take a look at the timeline. Yesterday, he was 2.5 hours late for a NATO press conference, offering no explanation for his extreme tardiness.

After finally showing up, Biden then started to call on reporters from a pre-selected list prepared by his handlers. That’s when his brain locked up harder than an engine starved of oil.

That was probably the most awkward moment of his entire trip. Calling that a pregnant pause would be offensive to real pregnant people, who typically give birth in less time than it took him to finally answer that question. Was he waiting for help? Or is his brain really just that broken? Either way, there is no explanation available that says anything good about the country’s top leader.


Now, Biden has started to clear his schedule for the next day, canceling an early morning mass with Pope Francis.

There are two possible reasons for this. It is possible that the Pope nixed this at the last minute because he didn’t want to give Biden communion due to the president’s stances on abortion and other moral issues that are antithetical to church teachings.

Yet, I’m skeptical that such a decision would be made so late in the game. Nothing about Biden’s grotesque beliefs is new, and the Vatican wouldn’t have been caught off guard by them. Rather, I tend to think this is simply another example of Biden having good days and bad days due to his declining mental and physical condition. After yesterday’s disaster, this gives him a buffer to “recover” a bit before his meeting with the Pope.

The president is not well. Everyone in the United States who is honest will admit to noticing it over the last year or so. But it’s especially dangerous that this is happening on the world stage, with every foreign news network of consequence paying attention. Biden has been getting lambasted in Australia, for example. Meanwhile, you can bet that Russian networks are having a field day.


This makes the U.S. look incredibly weak because the U.S. is incredibly weak right now. We have a leader who can’t perform basic duties with any consistency and policies that are making us subservient to tyrants. While domestic media outlets are cool with covering it all up, there are real-world consequences that are being paid. It’s not a good scene.


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