A New Revelation About Fauci and the Lab Leak Theory Sure Smells Like a Cover-Up

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The bombshell Fauci emails have been out since last week, but the damning revelations just keep coming. This time, former FDA Director Scott Gottlieb, no stranger to COVID hysteria himself, revealed something very interesting about Dr. Anthony Fauci on “Face The Nation.”


Specifically, it centers around what Fauci was saying in April 2020 about the possibility of the coronavirus being leaked from a lab. The timing is important here, as I’ll explain. Gottlieb said:

“I was told at that time, back in the spring [of 2020], that Dr. Fauci had gone over to a meeting of world health leaders in Europe around the World Health Assembly, and actually briefed them on the information that they were looking at — that this could have been a potential lab leak, that this strain looked unusual.”

Of course, that’s sharply disconnected from what Fauci was saying publicly at the time as well as in email correspondence with China-apologists like Peter Daszak. As Scott Hounsell reported for RedState, Daszak actually emailed Fauci to thank him for attempting to publicly discredit the lab leak theory. That happened on April 18th of 2020.

In other words, Fauci was saying one thing publicly, seemingly for political and/or personal reasons, while he was briefing world leaders of something different during the same time period. I don’t know about you, but that sure smells like a cover-up to me. Why would Fauci, in secret correspondence with world leaders, acknowledge the veracity of the lab leak theory and then run to the media to dump on the idea?

I believe it has everything to do with Fauci’s personal involvement in the funding that went to Wuhan. On the one hand, he’s trying to do the right thing behind the scenes during a time when we weren’t sure what was coming next. On the other hand, he’s blabbing publicly in a way that covers his own backside and marks any investigation into the Wuhan lab as a “conspiracy theory.” It’s all very convenient.


Gottlieb would go on to chastize Fauci for his dismissal.

But even if Fauci thought the contagion looked natural, he should never have dismissed the lab-leak theory so readily, Gottlieb said.

Looking at it “through the lens of national security” and not just a “scientific mindset” clearly “changes the overall assessment,” he said.

“The science is one piece of information, but there’s a lot of other information that points in the direction that this could have come out of a lab, that we need to have a broader view about the potential risk that this was a lab leak,” he said.

The onion is getting peeled back layer by layer, and the longer this goes on, the worse Fauci looks. There needs to be a real investigation into what he knew, when he knew it, and what actions he took in regards to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and any subsequent covering up of his involvement. There are way too many inconsistencies. Fauci has been repeatedly talking out of both sides of his mouth throughout this ordeal. That doesn’t appear to be by sheer chance.



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