Joe Biden Jokes About Murdering Reporters and the Press Swoon

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The obsession the press has with Joe Biden isn’t exactly newsworthy. After all, these are people that will shill for just about anyone with a “D” next to their name, including rabid anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Biden enjoys their devotion not because he’s charismatic or special in any regard, but simply because he pushes policies they support.


Even still, given how much the press gnashed their teeth over any jokes targeting them during the Trump era, you’d think they wouldn’t take too kindly to Biden laughing it up about murdering them. Yet, here we are.

For starters, can we talk about how cringe it is for the president to zoom around a parking lot in an ugly truck like he’s a Make-a-Wish kid? What’s even more cringe is having a press corps that acts as if every utterance from this incoherent old man’s mouth is absolute gold. It’s like the “clapter” phenomenon in regards to late-night comedy. People in the audience respond approvingly by clapping because they are partisans who enjoy having their political priors stroked, not because anything that was said was actually worth laughing about.


Yeah, I get that he’s joking, but Donald Trump was joking as well when he took humored jabs at the press. That didn’t stop them from acting as if he’d just signed their orders of execution. Instead of just acknowledging that he was making light of their adversarial relationship, they sought to paint everything he said as a threat to the “freedom of the press.”

Besides, shouldn’t it be sort of newsworthy that the president can do PR stunts in Michigan but he can’t take a few seconds to answer a question about a major war going on in the Middle East involving one of our chief allies? Is it really that hilarious that he talked about running over a reporter instead of doing his job?

Biden is currently living in a fantasy world. He’s driving around parking lots, joking with a fawning press, and essentially fiddling while the country burns. Meanwhile, people are suffering under his policies and they are learning to resent a president who is clearly incapable of doing the job he assumed earlier this year. As an extension of that, the press is also living in the same fantasy world. They don’t perceive that their credibility has crumbled and still believe they represent some bastion of higher truth. Very few people see them that way anymore, though. Rather, the press mimics the royal court of a senile king, leading his country to ruin while they laugh it up.



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