Rashida Tlaib Waved Her Anti-Semitism Around and Slapped a Black Lives Matter Narrative in the Face

Rashida Tlaib Waved Her Anti-Semitism Around and Slapped a Black Lives Matter Narrative in the Face
AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Remember when saying “all lives matter” was akin to a hate crime when Black Lives Matter first came into being and saying it was even punishable by universities and even the NBA?

Well, apparently hard-left, anti-Israel Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib believes all lives matter, even if she doesn’t know she does.

Her now-viral speech included a tidbit about how what Israel is doing to Palestinians is the same as what we’re doing to black people here in America and that when they march against Israel they must keep in mind that they’re marching for everyone’s freedom.

“What they are doing to the Palestinians is what they are doing to our Black brothers and sisters here,” Tlaib shouted to the crowd. “As you all are marching for freedom of Palestine, please know that you must be marching for everybody’s freedom. It’s all interconnected.”

The meaning of this didn’t get by the executive director of Conscious Conservative Media Nicole Pinkston who immediately called this out for what it was.

“She just ALL lives mattered Black lives matter,” tweeted Pinkston. “Where are the Black liberals to stop her? Where are they to tell her that her fight is her fight?”

It’s a solid point to bring up. We’re told that when it comes to the plight of the black community, the focus must be put on it and only it if the problem is to be solved. Yet, Tlaib just came in here and said that all these problems are equal and that even black people must fight for the freedom of others as well, not just their own community.

Again, this is talk that people were being made pariahs and punished for not long ago, and here’s Tlaib effectively saying that very thing.

“It’s all interconnected.”

She’s right, just not in the way she thinks she is.

The fight for freedom and equality means a fight for everyone, and it begins by considering everyone equals. Tlaib, and indeed all hard-leftists, do not see that as true. Victimhood is a currency for them, and the more victimhood you can obtain for yourself or your group the more powerful you are in mainstream society. They strive for this victimhood, and in order to get more of it, there has to be an oppressor.

By nature of critical race theory and social justice, that oppressor has to be of a certain gender, nationality, or race. The hard-left is required to hate those in the “oppressor category” and fight against them at all costs. It is, by nature, anti-equality and anti-freedom.

The true fight for equality, at least in the realistic sense of equality of opportunity, is all-encompassing. It’s a fight that Americans have been undertaking for generations and, to its credit, is pretty good at. Over the course of time, inequality is stamped out. However, what Tlaib is wanting isn’t equality, it’s supremacy. Just like Black Lives Matter, it’s not equality that’s being aimed for, it’s to put certain groups in power over others and claiming that doing so will tip the scales into balance somehow.

It’s a ridiculous concept that has no logic attached to it.

Regardless, it would appear that Tlaib is grasping some of this concept but is doing so in the face of the prevailing mainstream narrative on Black Lives Matter.

I wonder if the left will call her out on it…


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