One of the Worst Russian Collusion Hoaxers and Overall Conspiracy Nuts Just Got Hired by the DOJ

In another move proving that there is no justice in Washington, one of the worst Russian collusion hoaxers of the Donald Trump era has been hired by the Department of Justice. Susan Hennessy, who was still fluffing the Steele Dossier well after its demise, will now work for the National Security Division.


Hennessey was also a chief opposer of the highly successful strike to kill Qasem Soleimani, jumping into action to condemn the intelligence behind the raid. Later, Iran’s Javad Zarif would admit the attack was devastating for the terrorist nation.

RedState has chronicled many of Hennessey’s greatest hits, including her freakout after the DOJ made the correct, evidence-based decision to drop the charges against Michael Flynn. I’d link to those tweets but they’ve been deleted. In fact, Hennessey has scrubbed her account of much of her worst outbursts in an obvious attempt to hide her previous partisanship.

Hennessey, after pushing Russian collusion for years, was also against releasing the underlying evidence in the Mueller Report. Some of that material ended up forming the basis for proving the corruption that occurred at the FBI and DOJ in regards to the Trump investigation. Hennessey stood at the gates demanding transparency until that transparency could harm her narrative. She then hid behind proclamations about national security to cover her backside, which is a common tactic by those seeking to hide government malfeasance.


It gets worse, though. Hennessey even managed to join the parade of psychos who claimed the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were “corroborated.” There was apparently no political issue Hennessey didn’t dip her toe in.

What we are witnessing here is the worst of Washington on display. You can run around for years making false proclamations and acting like a rabid partisan, but if you hold the right politics, you can get a job as a government bureaucrat. This crazed, conspiracy theorist will now be paid to help protect your “national security” because the DOJ is thoroughly compromised at this point. No one will be punished for what happened with the Russian collusion hoax. Rather, those people will be rewarded as we see here.


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