Joe Biden's Idiocy Is Revealed After Leaked Tapes Expose Iranian Response to Soleimani Killing

One of the major victories of the Trump administration was the killing of General Qasem Soleimani. The former top leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was a terrorist who had propagated attacks on American soldiers for years. Studies have shown that hundreds of deaths can be traced directly back to what were his hands. That he was allowed to stay alive during the Bush and Obama years shows just how much of a failure our foreign policy establishment was prior to Trump’s rise.


Now, leaked tapes of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif are exposing just how the terrorist nation responded to the killing. Further, it shows how much of an idiot our current president is.

What the tapes reveal is an Iran where Zarif is a nobody, with Soleimani and the IRGC basically running the show, including regarding relations with Russia. Remember, Russia’s use of Syrian airspace was a major issue during the Obama years. Zarif also admits that the Revolutionary Guard, run by Soleimani, was dictating the country’s foreign policy.

In other words, the death of Soleimani was a massive blow to Iran’s ability to project strength to its allies and to continue terrorist attacks in places like Iraq. Joe Biden, being the idiot that he is, opposed the attack on Soleimani just as he opposed the attack on Osama Bin Laden. The one consistent in our foreign policy the last forty years has been Biden being continually wrong about it. Yet, a large portion of the country saw fit to vote for a man who wouldn’t know a shoelace from a drawstring as the Commander and Chief. We live in the dumbest of times.


Past that, The Jerusalem Post notes exactly how this will be spun, and I think they are dead on.

The leaked tapes lead to one of several conclusions. They seem to cater to a Western worldview that depicts Zarif and President Hassan Rouhani as “moderates” who are confronting the “hardliners” in the IRGC and Supreme Leader’s office. This leak appears timed to encourage this view as the US considers re-entering the Iran Deal.
The leaks also depict an Iranian government that cannot be trusted because Zarif is the smiling face of the regime but doesn’t actually represent its policies. This could aid Western countries as they sign deals with Zarif and then Iran can pretend that it violates the deals because only the foreign ministry signed them. This aids Iran’s “good cop / bad cop” approach, where the regime pretends it has a shadow government that conducts different policies than the regime agrees to.

This is how Biden will try to pivot after the leaking of these tapes. They will claim that Soleimani was actually a detriment to peace, even though Biden opposed his killing and removal from power, and that it is now safer to make a new “deal” with Iran. Biden, in a laughable fashion, will actually try to use his own past idiocy as proof his current idiocy is acceptable.


In fact, it’s possible this leak was purposefully done in response to the Biden administration’s pathetic advances toward Iran over the last few months. Think of it as a wink and a nod. Of course, the reality is that the IRGC and the Mullahs are still in charge, and they will continue to run a shadow government until the regime falls. Zarif is a figurehead and nothing more.

There’s a lot more on these tapes that RedState will be covering throughout the day so keep an eye open.


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