The Biden Administration's Latest Incoherence on COVID Will Blow Your Mind

The Biden Administration's Latest Incoherence on COVID Will Blow Your Mind
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There was a lot said, mostly by the mainstream media, about the supposed “chaos” surrounding some aspects of the Trump administration. Every time someone was fired or a certain aspect of messaging had to be clarified, gnashing of teeth commenced. It didn’t matter how minuscule the position or issue actually was.

Yet, I’m struggling to think of anything that comes close to the sustained incoherence we are currently witnessing from the Biden Administration. We are quite literally at parody levels.

Today, as RedState reported, Joe Biden walked outside with a mask on his way to go announce that you no longer need to wear a mask outside. You can’t make this stuff up.

Then there was Xavier Becerra, head of Health and Human Services, saying this today.

Is the message clear, though? Just last week, Joe Biden – who’s vaccinated – literally wore a mask while sitting alone on a Zoom call with 16 other world leaders, not a single one of which were masked up. Before that, he wore a mask while trying to eat a hamburger with the Japanese Prime Minister sitting at least 15 feet away from him. Nothing about Biden’s behavior is sending a clear message. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Even past Biden, the CDC’s guidance itself is ripe for mockery, seemingly being based on no science whatsoever. For example, today the CDC announced that people can largely dispense with outdoor masking, they still hedged by saying you still should in crowds.

But did we really need the CDC to tell us this? It’s been known since the beginning of the pandemic that outdoor spread is minimal. You can find articles from the summer of 2020 stating as much. Further, all you really needed was common sense. That there were actually people out there waiting on pins and needles for the CDC to give them guidance to not wear a mask out-freaking-side is just astonishing.

The CDC has also continually bungled its messaging on the vaccine and its usage. For example, Director Walensky stated recently stated that it’s recommended for pregnant women to get vaccinated. The CDC then walked that back, marking no less than the third time they’ve contradicted her in the as many months.

The point here isn’t to argue over the vaccine’s efficacy, but to point out just how little credibility the Biden administration and his CDC still have. Why would anyone listen to these people at this point? The response has been so convoluted that it’s impossible to even ascertain what is true and what’s not. Administrations and organizations that operate that way don’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore.

And just to drive that point home more, here is a chart the CDC just put out. It’s mind-numbingly stupid.

The CDC is literally telling people that have been vaccinated to wear masks while exercising and eating. The data says there’s no reason for unvaccinated people to do that, but to continue to claim those who’ve had the vaccine keep this charade up is just beyond the pale. It’s the worst kind of political theater, and it’s harming our society in ways that can’t be currently quantified.

Our government is run by cowards afraid to promote common sense out of fear of being held responsible. That’s no way to lead, and Joe Biden continues to show he’s not up for the job he’s been given.

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