Biden Ignores New CDC Mask Guidance - At Presser Announcing the Update

As Streiff covered, Joe Biden delivered some remarks today in regard to the new CDC guidance about the Wuhan coronavirus.


Biden was asked first about why he was wearing a mask outside, given the new CDC guidance that it was okay to be without a mask outside if fully vaccinated by oneself. “What message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone?” the reporter asked.

I’m not even sure what Biden’s response means here, “You’re watching me take it off and not putting it back on until I get inside.” I think he’s trying to say he had it on because he has to have it on inside.

But it’s typical scrambled Joe. Wearing it outside isn’t about the science, just like wearing it during a Zoom call with world leaders when he’s alone isn’t about the science either. It’s mostly about virtue signaling.

We also don’t need to hear from him to know how to behave. He’s not our dad and he doesn’t get to tell us what to do. We’re already behaving responsibly without having to operate on dictates from him.


But that wasn’t all. He really set tongues wagging with his final remark, after someone asked him about the problems with the virus in India and vaccines. His response? “I’m sorry. This is the last question I will take, then; I’m really going to be in trouble,” Biden declared.

As Caleb Hull says, exactly who is he going to be in trouble with? Kamala Harris? Barack Obama? Jill Biden? Isn’t he supposed to be in charge? Who’s actually running this clown show? And boy, is he right. Anytime he responds to questions on his own, you have to hear his team cringing in the background going, “Oh, my gosh, why doesn’t he just shut the heck up already. Who knows what he’s going to say now?” Of course, they’re right, as this proves.

Republicans and others are already “pouncing” on that one.


But there was one other nugget there in Biden’s answer. Let’s check out the longer answer.

He’s saying he sent Remdesivir to India, although he mispronounces the name. Isn’t that what some were criticizing President Donald Trump for touting? Sure sounds like Biden is agreeing with Trump that there is some worth to it.


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