The Biden Administration's Incoherence Reaches Parody Levels After They Flip-Flop Again on Vaccinations

Just when you thought the Biden administration couldn’t get anymore incoherent, they hand you their beer and tell you to watch this.

A few days ago, RedState reported on the CDC flip-flopping on the vaccine and its efficiency in regards to stopping infection and spread. For months, Biden’s lackeys had insisted that you still needed to mask up and mitigate after vaccination because you could still get and spread the disease. Science has essentially blown up that claim, with only 38 reinfections out of over 5 million vaccinations in Florida, for example. Other studies have shown the same, which is what prompted the CDC to change its tune.


Well, they were changing their tune. Now, because everything must be tainted by the political machinations of Joe Biden’s presidency, the CDC is flip-flopping yet again, qualifying their prior statement in a way to once again push unfounded fear.

Oh, you mean there’s some extremely small, almost non-existent possibility that reinfection could happen? Would you also like to tell me that water is wet?

This kind of thing is such an enemy to science and reason. It’s taking a remote, statistically irrelevant chance (when compared to overall numbers) and using it as a cudgel to continue to push draconian measures that don’t actually have any basis to continue. The entire point of the vaccine is to return to normal life, and no vaccine will ever eliminate 100% of the risk.

Instead of admitting that, the Biden administration is so cowardly that they won’t just tell people the truth. The truth is that some level of risk will always exist just like with a million other things in life Yet, the vaccine developed under the Trump administration is highly effective, and reinfections are almost non-existent. There is no reason, in my opinion, to be telling vaccinated people to do anything except burn their masks and get back to work. That the CDC essentially did that but then walked it back is yet more proof of how politicized they’ve become under Joe Biden.


I’ll end by engaging in a bit of speculation here. This has Dr. Anthony Fauci written all over it. To be clear, I’m giving my opinion here, but it matches up with exactly the attitude he’s propagated over the course of the pandemic. When previously asked about vaccinated people being able to go back to normal life, Fauci defended his calls for draconian mitigation by saying it was a judgment call, and his judgment is to usually push doom and gloom in an attempt to cover his own backside. I can imagine that he hated Walensky’s statement on the efficiency of the vaccine and preventing spread because he felt it would green-light people to actually enjoy their freedoms. That’s a no-no for Fauci.

But who knows who really put this walk back into effect? What we do know is that the Biden administration is desperate to keep this ball rolling because it keeps their political aspirations, namely huge spending priorities, moving forward. If the pandemic essentially ends, the stomach for blowing out the debt and completely restructuring our economy goes away. They can’t have that. Thus, you get the current wacky, inflatable tube man messaging we are getting.




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