The Latest Data Absolutely Eviscerates the Case for Mandatory Masking

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Yesterday, Joe Biden stepped up to the podium for one of his typical, teleprompter-read speeches that last about ten minutes. That meant that his brain was going to melt at least one time, and it did, with the president proclaiming that we can’t “risk more desks” instead of deaths.

But the substance, or lack thereof, was much more concerning. The speech centered on a nonsensical call for states to stop re-opening and to reinstate mask mandates. As I shared in my previous article, there’s nothing scientific about that statement from Biden.

(see Joe Biden Demands New Mask Mandates, Says We Can’t ‘Risk More Desks’ in Meandering, Nonsensical Rant)

In another piece covering the emotional freak-out by CDC Dir. Walensky, I put up the current nationwide look at where infections are spiking, and while that data is enough to disprove Biden’s rantings, I came across a thread last night that simply eviscerates the call for mandatory masking.

Take a look, and bookmark this because I suspect it’ll come in handy many more times in the future. For a secondary source of the same information below, Worldometer has the compilations of state data here.

In social media terms, that thread is just an absolute beatdown of Biden’s position that mandating masks is necessary. As we’ve seen time and time again, masks don’t do anything, at least not in real-world applications outside of a highly controlled medical environment. Right now, the largest spikes in the country (and really, the only spikes) are happening in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and other Northeastern states. All of those places not only have mask mandates, but they have semi-lockdowns with strict mitigation measures.

If masks and their mandates did absolutely anything, you’d be seeing spikes in Southern states that have booted them as a requirement. Instead, you are seeing them precisely where mask-wearing is at the highest frequency. People can argue all day about why that is, but what can’t be denied is that Biden’s call to reinstate mandates is a partisan ploy to deflect attention from where the real hotspots are.

There is simply no way to spin these numbers, though Democrats and the media will certainly try. Their golden calf is actually spray-painted iron. States that have booted mandates and re-opened continue to do better, now and over the course of the pandemic, than many blue states with far tougher mitigation measures. You can’t hide from the data. It exists, and it blows up the political narratives of Joe Biden and his allies.

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