Greg Gutfeld Nails His Own Network in Blistering Critique

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Greg Gutfeld is sick of the nonsensical, anti-science COVID protocols at his own network. In a rare move, the host best known for his time on “The Five” delivered a blistering critique of Fox News and the fact that they are ignoring the efficacy of the vaccine.


As Gutfeld says, they are hypocrites if they preach how great and necessary the vaccine is, while at the same time acting as if it does nothing.

Here’s the transcript, per Mediaite. (emphasis mine)

And I will say this and then I will shut up. We are hypocrites when we are giving our own advice on this because all of us I believe have been vaccinated. Some of us have had Covid and been vaccinated which essentially makes you super human.

Lecturing people on the science as we are sitting in our isolated boxes, is it really correct? I think that it’s like, ‘we have to send a message.’ I mean, what message are we sending by being separate right now? I think it’s time to return to the studio. And start seeing each other, looking at each other in the eye when we’re talking so we know they are not interrupting each other so we can actually–I feel like every day we’re in a batting cage and I would rather like to be passing the ball around. And we weigh the benefits and the risks.

So let’s get back in the studio. There’s no science. We have the vaccines and we have the rapid testing. There is no reason for us to be doing this all the time, unless it’s legal B.S., which is the case for everything in life. We’re controlled by lawyers. Sorry!

As I’ve shared before, the science on the vaccine isn’t ambiguous. Reinfection rates are around 0.0075%. That’s a number so small as to be statistically irrelevant. It certainly shows that there’s no reason whatsoever for people to continue to wear masks and do their TV hits via Zoom. If the vaccine works, then act as if it works. That’s basically Gutfeld’s point, and it’s well taken.


Past that, this shows the disconnect between the perception that Fox News tries to give to their audience while they mimic CNN behind the scenes. We’ve seen that in some of their hard news coverage, as well. I understand that Fox News is a big corporation, but there’s no reason to keep playing-acting when it comes to COVID, when the science says it’s safe for Gutfeld and others to return to the studio.

The risks will never be zero, and companies have to start pretending they will be someday. Keeping this charade going is hurting the credibility of Fox News. They should recognize that and change course. Unfortunately, they seem to be taking their cues from the Biden administration, insofar as being coherent when it comes to COVID and the vaccines.


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