The Biden Administration Flip-Flops Again, and the Incoherence Is Breathtaking

The Biden Administration Flip-Flops Again, and the Incoherence Is Breathtaking
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If you thought you were going to get any actual coherence out of the current administration, you can be relieved of those assumptions now. Despite constantly ranting about “the science,” Biden and his handlers have continually been all over the map when it comes to the coronavirus, spurning objective evidence and pushing what they feel will benefit them the most politically.

In regards to the question of what is politically expedient, that typically comes down to what will allow them to avoid responsibility and pass the buck. Thus, you get the obsession with mask-wearing even though the most current data once again shows they have no correlation to infection rates.

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One of the more questionable claims by the Biden administration was that you must keep wearing a mask and social distancing after getting vaccinated. I covered that at the time, and noted that studies show reinfections after being vaccinated are so rare as to be almost statistically insignificant. We got more proof of that just recently when it was revealed that only 38 people have been reinfected in Florida out of a total of 5,761,310 vaccinations (as of March 30th).

Well, now Biden and his lackeys at the CDC, possibly realizing they were undercutting their own vaccination efforts, are finally catching up.

That’s in sharp contrast to what Jen Psaki said when she asserted that mask-wearing and mitigation were still crucial and necessary after vaccination. It’s also in contrast to Walensky’s freak-out yesterday about impending doom if states don’t stop re-opening and lifting mask mandates.

So which is it? Is the vaccine so effective that vaccinated people have a near-zero chance of reinfection and of spreading the virus? That’s what the science says, but why was Biden demanding more mask mandates just yesterday if that’s true? Why did the administration previously assert multiple times that masks were necessary after vaccination? The data didn’t suddenly change today.

To be clear, if reinfection and spread after vaccination are not a scientific concern, and that’s what the CDC is saying now, then there’s no logical reason to continue wearing a mask or doing other mitigation measures after receiving the vaccine. They can’t have it both ways, though they will certainly try.

None of this makes any logical sense, nor is it designed to. As I said at the beginning of this piece, this is really about holding onto a vestige of power in order to pass the buck. If Biden can keep going on about masks, he can blame any future failures on a lack of adherence to his advice. It’s a classic political game whereby a politician scape-goats something that shows no actual correlation while making sure the blowback doesn’t hit them.

We spent four years listening to the media breathlessly tell us how supposedly incoherent the Trump administration was, but there’s no comparison to the chaos and illogical behavior we are seeing out of the Biden administration. They are so married to their partisan narratives that they appear all over the map on a variety of issues. And unlike Trump, we aren’t talking about palace intrigue stories. Rather, we are talking about real issues that affect real people. That should matter.


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