Biden Finally Admits There's a Crisis at the Border, But for Typical Biden Reasons

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It’s admittedly hard sometimes to write about Joe Biden because you have to wade through the incoherence to determine just what is he trying to say.

But on Saturday, Biden did make at least one admission very clear.


He finally admitted the situation at the border was in fact a “crisis,” a fact that he has been denying for months.

It would appear he finally had to give up and admit reality.

Biden had just played a round of golf in Delaware, where he was once again spending the weekend. He was asked about the refugee cap question and, according to the Daily Wire, he said that it was linked to the “crisis that ended up on the border with young people.” “We couldn’t do two things at once,” he continued. “And now we are going to increase the number.”

But the reason he finally admitted there was a crisis was not that he truly accepted the reality and that he needed to actually address the illegal aliens flooding in at the border. The reason he said it was to fend off attacks and criticism from folks on the left in his party who wanted him to raise the refugee cap and are mad at him that he hadn’t done so yet, that he had even said he was going to keep the refugee cap. He’s saying it’s a “crisis” as his excuse for not yet raising the cap, suggesting that the system would be overwhelmed. “We can’t do two things at once.”

It’s typical Biden, who gets very defensive when cornered or attacked. We’ve seen this many times.


But now Biden has allowed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the other folks on the left to stampede him into saying he will raise the cap, at the same time the crush of would-be immigrants at the border is overwhelming the system. He’s now saying he will lift the cap next month, so that will just make everything worse for the already-overloaded infrastructure. But sure, he isn’t completely controlled by the left.

On top of that, Psaki then tried to spin their original announcement that they were going to keep the refugee cap, suggesting the media had somehow misinterpreted what they had been trying to say, that it was “the subject of some confusion.”

But the WaPo fact-checker Glenn Kessler called them out on that saying no, they flipped on it after backlash from the left.

Meanwhile, Biden has lied and denied the crisis at the border for months, even as it’s gotten progressively worse. Apart from delegating Kamala Harris to address it, he hasn’t seemed to have done much of anything, nor has Harris done anything about it either. Biden tried to sell that the problem was just a normal seasonal surge despite the fact that didn’t comport with reality.


As we reported, Psaki denied it was a crisis.

So now that Biden has actually admitted it, albeit for defensive reasons, what are he and his border queen designee Kamala Harris doing to solve the crisis? And since he alleged that there’s an issue because of the border crisis and if he raises the cap at the same time, how is he going to address that if he raises the cap next month?


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