CDC Director Freaks Over COVID Spikes, but the Data Shows She's Spewing Nonsense

The current CDC Director is a hopelessly politicized figure, and she has shown herself to be completely subservient to whatever political message the Biden campaign is trying to push. You’ll probably recall that she famously said schools could re-open before completely reversing herself just a few weeks later.


(see The CDC Burns Its Credibility to the Ground, and a New Revelation Makes It Much Worse)

That flip-flop clearly came after administration officials pulled her aside and told her to get on message. A CDC director is supposed to simply tell the truth and follow the science. Walensky continually doesn’t do that because she’s a partisan hack.

Thus, you get unscientific idiocy like today’s freak-out session in which she broke down about the impending doom of COVID because some states are spiking. These are the people ostensibly leading our country.

There’s a lot of dishonesty in this clip to note. For one, the current “spike” is very small and could very well just be the result of reporting discrepancies. We are talking about only a 12% week over week rise.


But, what’s really so gross about Walensky’s comments is the claim that said spike is happening because states are reopening too quickly. That’s a favorite left-wing talking point, but it holds no basis in reality. The only reason that claim is made is to attack states like Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and others that have removed restrictions.

Yet, if you look at the data, the spikes that she’s feeling “impending doom” about are occurring in blue, locked down states. NPR has a portal that shows the current case rates per state. Notice what the worst states are, who leads them, and where they are located. I took a screenshot and put it in a tweet so I could easily embed it here.

At that NPR link, you can also click on the individual states to view their specific graphs. What you’ll see is that Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, etc. are all seeing declining caseloads and positivity rates. Meanwhile, more locked down states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania are seeing an elevation in infections.


In other words, Walensky’s “off script” rant is nonsense. The problem is not a lack of mitigation or states that have reopened. The problem, once again, mostly resides in the states with the strictest mitigation measures in place. People can argue about why that is, but what can’t be argued is that she’s purposely misleading people by asserting that this is somehow the fault of states that value freedom over ineffective mandates.

Again, I suspect any current actual increase in infections will remain marginal with so many people being vaccinated now, but to the extent that a spike exists at this moment, Walensky’s claims as to why are purely political and just so happen to match up with the partisan wants of Democrats and the Biden administration. That’s no coincidence, and she should be dismissed out of hand for being so dishonest.



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