The CDC Burns Its Credibility to the Ground, and Then Another Revelation Makes It Much Worse

The CDC Burns Its Credibility to the Ground, and Then Another Revelation Makes It Much Worse
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Two weeks ago, there was a controversy involving the head of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, after she asserted that current data says schools can safely re-open and that vaccinations are not a requirement. Her hand was quickly slapped, with Press Secretary Jen Psaki claiming that she was speaking “in her own capacity” despite the comments coming at an official CDC event.

The indication was clear. The partisans within the Biden administration had gotten to Walensky, and given she’s a political appointee, she was apparently more than willing to play along. Thus we get her appearance on CNN yesterday, which essentially confirms the CDC is fully politicized at this point.

Indeed, Walensky’s about-face is transparent. It’s so obvious at this point that schools are safe to re-open that any assertion to the contrary, especially by a supposed science-based body like the CDC, is clearly politically motivated. It’s not a coincidence that Dr. Anthony Fauci is also out there fluffing Biden’s “stimulus” as well.

At one point, Walensky tries to tie school re-openings to community spread. That’s more anti-scientific nonsense. If community spread is the barometer, then students are safer in schools with mitigation, not being out in a community with high spread rates. That should seem obvious to anyone with a brain, but the Biden administration and their subservients at the CDC are showing they lack such.

Meanwhile, thousands of schools, including nearly every school in many Southern states, are open and doing just fine. The doomsday tales of increased risk and spread have not materialized. You don’t need any more “studies” or ridiculous guidelines. One only has to pay attention to the data actual reality is producing. But the CDC isn’t doing that, instead releasing politically motivated restrictions that would keep almost every school in the country still closed.

After Walensky’s performance, though, things got much worse. This morning, news broke that the CDC had admitted their guidelines were politically influenced, including by the teachers’ unions.

If one is seeking to make a document based in science, you don’t go get the input of teachers’ unions. You follow what the actual data says, regardless of how it makes people feel. Instead, the CDC via the Biden administration chose to fully politicize this process and let biased teachers’ unions whisper into their ear, leading to direct changes in what was put out there. That’s not science.

The great irony here is that we endured almost a year of stupid conspiracy theories about Donald Trump influencing the CDC. In the end, it is the Biden administration doing the influencing, and that comes at the cost of children around the country all so some selfish teachers can keep collecting taxpayer money to stay home.


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