Name of Boulder Shooter Released, and the Predominant Narratives Just Got Nuked

Name of Boulder Shooter Released, and the Predominant Narratives Just Got Nuked

As RedState reported yesterday, ten people were shot and killed in a grocery store yesterday in Boulder, CO. Details have been sparse up until this point as is typical in these situations.

But now, we have a name, and it nukes just about every prior predominant media narrative surrounding the shooting. There are few different spellings going around via various reports, but they are all trying to convey the same thing.

I hope you have a neck brace on because you are about to have whiplash from how quickly the news outlets that have been speculating this was “white supremacy” change their tune. In fact, I expect this story to largely disappear by the end of the week now. It just doesn’t fit the narrative preferences of the mainstream press.

Here was a USA Today reporter just hours ago.

There are other aspects to this as well that point to some kind of act of terror, though I must empathize that has not been confirmed. The victimology shows indiscriminate shooting, not any racial motive. The location is also a place where there would be a lot of random people, not any set group. Because this involves the possibility of Islamic radicalism, you’ll likely see the gun control debates settle down as well.

We still need a lot more information on this shooting to truly judge motive, but the release of this name is yet another lesson in not jumping to conclusions that fit a predominant political narrative, i.e. that quite literally everything is white supremacy.


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