Brad Raffensperger Turned out to Be a Snake, but No One Should Have Been Fooled

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Yesterday, it was revealed that the source of several fake Trump quotes (see The Washington Post Doesn’t Deserve to Exist After Making Up Trump Quotes to Own the Orange Man) was none other than Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s closest advisor and former campaign manager. RedState covered that revelation yesterday


(see The Washington Post Has Outed Their Source for the Bogus Trump Call Story, and It’s Time CNN and Others Do the Same).

The liar’s name is Jordan Fuchs, and she made up claims that Trump pressured a Georgia investigator to “find the fraud” out of whole cloth. Those phrases simply don’t appear on the now revealed audio recording of the call.

Of course, the idea that Fuchs acted on her own here is laughable. How would she have even had access to knowledge of the call originally if Raffensperger hadn’t shared them with her? He was obviously involved here. Worse, he clearly would have known, in my view, that those quotes were lies when they first appeared in the Post. He had access to the investigator’s call, and it was his henchwoman who then went and posed as a viable anonymous source on its contents.

Despite that, Raffensperger did nothing, further implicating himself in hindsight. Instead, he basked in the media attention, making the cable news rounds and enjoying his time as a foil to Donald Trump. Let’s also recall that Raffensperger was the one who leaked the other phone call just days before Georgia’s Senate runoff elections. That may have cost the GOP control of the Senate.

I say this to say that Raffensperger, especially with these latest revelations, has been exposed as the absolute snake that he is. Yet, many conservatives, blinded by their opposition to Trump’s claims of election fraud, ran to fluff the Georgia Secretary of State as an unimpeachable figure. He was praised as a virtuous source of information just unfairly targeted by the bad orange man. In reality, Raffensperger was acting like a political hack, attempting to elevate his own profile in the process. He was not, in fact, a stalwart defender of our election systems just concerned with doing his job. That’s why he leaked his phone call with Trump in the first place. He was more concerned with his own image than helping his party retain the Senate.


That so many on the right continue to be fooled this way is frustrating. Not everyone who happens to oppose someone you don’t like is worthy of praise. The ultimate example of this being the support for Joe Biden that some of the right-leaning commentariat offered. We saw a major conservative publication publish apologetics for why electing Biden was acceptable (take a guess). Now, those same outlets have had to shift on a dime to oppose the garbage being churned out by the current administration.

Stop lionizing politicians just because they may agree with you in a moment. In the end, they will always let you down, and a lot of figures on the right have egg on their face over Raffensperger. No one should have been fooled, though.



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