Brad Raffensperger Moves to Get His Revenge on Lin Wood

Brad Raffensperger Moves to Get His Revenge on Lin Wood
AP Photo/Ben Margot

Yeah, this feels like an attempt at payback.

Lin Wood is now under investigation by none other than his arch-nemesis, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. This comes after Wood apparently mentioned in an email that he’s been living in South Carolina for “several months.” Investigators are now probing whether or not Wood was a legal resident when he voted in the recent elections.

I’m no Lin Wood fan, as he’s certified crazy, or at least he put on a really good show in appearing as such, including calling for the lynching of Mike Pence. But simply living in another house in South Carolina doesn’t mean he wasn’t a legal resident of Georgia at the time of the elections in November and January. In fact, the only “evidence” this new investigation apparently has to go on is the above email of Wood saying he’s been “domiciled” in South Carolina. That could mean a lot of things, but it does appear that he only changed his residency to South Carolina yesterday.

Given there were, no doubt, many people who voted in Georgia’s recent elections who were physically living in another state, yet still registered to vote in Georgia, it begs the question of where this vigor from Raffensperger was prior. To specifically only go after Wood now, no matter what Raffensperger may think of him, without any more to go on than an email seems a bit political on its face.

Wood did respond to this, noting that he’s been a resident of Georgia since 1955 and that he believes this is harassment by Raffensperger.

I’m highly skeptical this turns into anything more than a good headline for some media outlets. I’m sure Raffensperger, just out of spite, will probe this, but I see no real reason at this point to believe Wood voted illegally. Until such evidence emerges, I’ll file this away as more political slap-fighting.


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