The Biden Administration's Mistreatment of the National Guard Just Got Much Worse

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I’m trying to imagine a situation in which President Trump demanded the National Guard be deployed to the Capitol, made them sleep outside after he was done using them for a photo op, and then hundreds of them tested positive and/or are quarantining from COVID because of how bad the planning was. I’m gonna guess there would be no end the wailing and gnashing of teeth.


But because Joe Biden is president, this is apparently fine.

To be fair, Nancy Pelosi was also a part of this. She made they initial demand, according to reports, for the National Guard to be deployed in the Capitol area. This was in response to the riot that lasted all of three hours a week earlier. The deployment and it’s subsequent escalation in numbers was a massive overreaction. We don’t have 25,000 troops in Afghanistan (thanks to Trump), but we needed that many to secure a single building and inaugural event that no one attended? No, this was always about using the troops as pawns to draw a contrast between Trump and Biden. The new president wanted to take office under the guise of a supposed grave threat that didn’t actually exist. Having troops everywhere while the media talked about how it’s like Baghdad played right into that narrative.

The moment those troops no longer served the narrative, though, Biden’s administration kicked them to the curb. I mean that literally. They slept on the curb in a parking garage last night because they were ordered out of the Capitol. Why not just send them home? Last I checked, the president is the Commander in Chief and responsible anytime something like that happens. Of course, the media did not ask the Biden administration a single question on that front during today’s press conference. Anyone think they’ll be asked about all the positive COVID diagnoses the next go around? Don’t hold your breath.


It’s taken a minute to get back in the groove because of how much of a change Trump’s administration was, but we are firmly back to business as usual in Washington. Soldiers are just pawns, everyone goes back to enriching themselves, and no one is held accountable for anything. But there are no mean tweets, and that’s really what’s most important here.

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