Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi Cackle in Their Delusion, But It's Just the Beginning

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi Cackle in Their Delusion, But It's Just the Beginning
Democratic National Convention via AP

Hillary Clinton is back, or at least she’s back in the news. Because she’s obviously so hip and current, she’s started a podcast, and it’s as bad as you’d expect it to be. Yesterday’s guest was Nancy Pelosi, fresh off almost losing the House in a year she was supposed to gain 10-15 seats.

You’ll be less than shocked to learn that these two women are still living in 2017, desperately pushing the lie that Donald Trump is actually a nefarious agent of Vladimir Putin. It’s like QAnon, but with people who claim to be intellectually enlightened.

RedState’s Mike Miller covered the original audio here, so be sure to check his article out.

At least with QAnon it’s a few fringe actors believing things they see on the internet when they shouldn’t. I’ve been assured that Clinton and Pelosi are above pushing conspiratorial nonsense. After all, Clinton is the “most qualified” person to ever run for president according to Joe Biden and others. But here we are, still seeing these Democrat politicians assert that Trump is somehow secretly working with the Russians.

I’m old enough to remember when we had the Mueller investigation, a years long effort carried out by Democrat partisans like Andrew Weissman. Even then, they found absolutely nothing to support the deranged rantings you hear above in that audio. Does anyone really think the do-nothings in Congress are going to somehow crack the case via an appointed a commission? Yeah, me either.

These women are crazy. Maybe it’s their advanced age, or maybe it’s just their rank partisanship, but there’s absolutely no justification for what they are suggesting. If the media are going to clutch their pearls over some freak in horns pushing a conspiracy theory, they should probably start critiquing their own standard bearers as well. The nonsense Pelosi and Clinton are suggesting is far more mainstream, and far more dangerous than stupidity about “the plan” or a guy with a letter for a name.

But that’s the goal isn’t it? Impeachment part 2, more Russia collusion garbage, marginalizing Trump supporters as violent, etc. It’s all a ploy to further set the country on fire. These people may say they want unity, but they want nothing of the sort. They want to continue to divide and conquer in an attempt to put their political opponents out to pasture before there even is another election. Trying to paint them as seditious, Russian agents is just a small part of that overall effort.

In short, this is just the beginning of how insane the next four years are gonna get. Every corner of power in the country are coming together to quash dissent and stop the sharing of information they don’t like. In response, all that will do is force people further into their corners, make them more untrustworthy of our institutions, and more willing to lash out in ways that aren’t healthy. It didn’t have to be this way, but the left smell blood in the water. There is no coming together in the future. There can’t be when censorship and vilification based in lies of the other side becomes the norm, and we are already there.

Pelosi and Hillary know exactly what they are doing.

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