Canadian Police Storm a 'Gathering' Over COVID in Insane Video, and It Should Scare Everyone

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

There may be coronavirus vaccines in distribution now, but that hasn’t stopped the insanity and fear mongering. Thus, we get videos like the one I’m about to show it. It comes all the way from the Great North of Canada, where police sought to break up an “illegal” gathering of six people.


What follows is something out of a dystopian nightmare, where government holds total control over its citizens, even insofar as regulating and physically assaulting people over personal gatherings.

Now, I’m assured that Canada is a democratic paradise, full of freedom and people who say “eh” a lot. Yet, here we see police storming a house just because people are hanging out together. This also isn’t some massive public party, though the government shouldn’t have the right to break that up either. It was six people, likely family members. Also notice that the cop who busts in doesn’t even have a mask on. The situation went from one that likely wasn’t dangerous for spread at all, to one where a bunch of people are spitting on and yelling at each other in close quarters. Brilliant, right?

Regardless, the effectiveness of such policing strategies by the government over COVID misses the point. I don’t care if this was 100% effective at stopping the virus. This is out of bounds of what a free government should be doing to its citizens, and Canada is hardly alone. We’ve seen similar videos from the United States. We’ve seen police harassing kids on playgrounds. We’ve seen Jewish schools raided in New York. Every boundary is currently being pushed, and when the government seizes power, it never gives it up. That should scare everyone.


To drive the point home, this is an actual bill making its way through the New York legislature right now. Read it and tell me it doesn’t sound like something you see in Iran.

Let’s hope there’s enough sanity left in the Empire State to reject this nonsense, but the fact that he’s even being proposed is enough to show people have thoroughly lost their minds. Coronavirus is a deadly virus. It is also not statistically dangerous to the vast majority of the population on earth. Nearly all deaths are attributed to senior citizens with pre-existing conditions. That’s not to say we shouldn’t do everything we can without violating people’s rights to protect those populations. It is to say that having police break up dinner at someone’s house is insanely stupid and pointless.

What’s worse is that someone actually reported the people in the video, which is what caused the police to show up. We see this dynamic in the United States all the time, where people rant about people who don’t wear masks or contact the authorities over a restaurant just trying to stay in business. People have lost it, and they are selling their fellow citizens down the road for a cheap feeling of brief superiority. We should all be better than that.


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