Bill Gates Wants You to Lock Down for Years, but His Bad Ideas Get Much Worse

Bill Gates Wants You to Lock Down for Years, but His Bad Ideas Get Much Worse

Bill Gates is an interesting test of perspective on the right. To some Republicans (or ostensible Republicans), because he’s a billionaire capitalist, he’s seen as largely infallible. We see this same dynamic with big tech, where criticisms of their actions get deflected as just the market at work. “Go start your own social media platform!” they shout anytime someone complains about their monopolistic, speech-killing censorship.

Yet, I think most on the right see Gates for what he is. He’s a guy who has certainly spent money to do a lot of good things, but he’s also a guy with a savior complex and a strong desire to push left-wing pursuits he sees as beneficial to himself. Earlier in the year, while the World Health Organization was doing the bidding of China and lying to the world about the coronavirus, Gates took the position of defending the communists and attacking Donald Trump instead (see Bill Gates Stunningly Defends China, Immediately Gets Quoted By Chinese Propagandists).

Gates would go on to become a major proponent of lockdowns, asserting just a few weeks ago that bars and restaurants should stay closed another six months and that lockdowns overall shouldn’t end until 2022. How your average citizen is expected to survive that long without going to work isn’t a question he provided an answer for, but when you are a billionaire, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Gates can obviously hide away in a cave for the rest of his life in complete luxury if he wants to. Thus is the attitude of our upper class, willing to sacrifice the little people to soothe their own irrational fears.

Of course, because Gates appears to be completely self-absorbed in his supposed ability to save all of us from ourselves, his ideas get much worse.

According to Reuters, a Harvard University project plans to test out a controversial theory that global warming can be stopped by spraying particles into the atmosphere that would reflect the sun’s rays.

The project represents one of the most controversial aspects of what’s known as “geoengineering” — the idea that, to tackle issues like climate change, massive aspects of our ecosystem can be played with or changed. In this case, it would involve reflecting some of the sun’s rays to stop them from reaching Earth…

…The Harvard team, whose project is known as SCoPEx, is funded in large part by Gates, according to an August report in the U.K. Daily Mail.

The reason this is in the news again is because the team from Harvard has just secured the cooperation of Sweden to launch their first test balloon for their research. But I’m sure attempting to block out the sun’s rays will have no unintended consequences down the road, right? We are just supposed to trust our academic — and if this project gains more steam — our governmental overlords to tinker with the earth’s atmosphere. That’s the level of narcissism people like Gates possess, and if they screw something up as monumental as the earth’s atmosphere in pursuit of their vain wants, they have the money to adapt.

Meanwhile, these intellectual betters can’t be bothered to ever be right on any of their predictions regarding global warming. Yet, we are supposed to sit back and let them “fix” it with massive geo-engineering projects, without the consent of billions of people, before they even provide actual evidence the catastrophe they predict is real. Besides, I was assured we passed the point of no return a little while ago, at least by Democrat politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so we might as well just enjoy ourselves.

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