Bill Gates Stunningly Defends China, Immediately Gets Used by Chinese Propagandists

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates, right, talks with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim before the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018. (Aly Song/Pool Photo via AP)


What is with Bill Gates and refusing to assign blame to entities like the World Health Organization and China’s Communist Party?

That’s certainly an open question after his latest comments, which actually praised China’s handling, not just now, but at the beginning of the crisis. This was done to take a swipe at Trump as promoting distractions, ignoring all of China’s malfeasance in the matter.

Bill Gates, of course, ends by saying it’s “not the time” to talk about recriminations right after he excuses a brutal regime’s lies and goes after the President. It sure is convenient that he and others can take their political shots, but when others try to start talking about the CCP’s cover-up that has killed hundreds of thousands, it’s suddenly “not the time” to talk about it. When exactly is the right time to talk about it? And will Gates be critical of China and the WHO then? For some reason, I have doubts.

Speaking of propaganda, Chinese officials immediately started used Gates’ words for their own purposes.


Well, isn’t that nice?

When you watch that video, you have to wonder what office Gates was elected to in order to speak as he does. He talks as if he’s the President or a governor of a state, spewing baseless Chinese propaganda about their early testing and supposed fewer health and economic woes with absolute authority. Gates appears to accept their obviously false reports on infections and deaths at face value. Meanwhile, the ChiComs are thanking him for his contribution by sharing his words all over social media.

You’d think someone as smart as Gates would realize what he’s doing and not do it, but perhaps this is what he truly believes? Maybe he’s just really this invested in the CCP and corrupt officials like Dr. Tedros at the WHO. If he is, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the levers of power concerning this pandemic. I realize he’s given a lot of money, but money shouldn’t be rewarded with influence if one’s views are this anti-American. Let him go influence China’s machinations or he can run for office if he wants to dictate our responses so badly. We’ll see how that goes for him.



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