Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Makes a Big Call After 'Damning' Video Emerges

Here we go. Yesterday, a video began to circulate that looked sketchy at best and extremely damning at worst in regards to voter fraud in Georgia. RedState reported on it last night. What the video shows is four individuals appearing to empty a room as if counting is over for the night. They then proceed to pull out four suitcases of ballots and scan them in without a single poll watcher or media member present.


For context, there were multiple reports from Fulton County following election night that officials had “stopped” counting for the evening. When people then woke up to big, middle of the night vote dumps for Joe Biden, that led to much of the original suspicions. That might be what we are seeing in this video.

This was enough to spur Gov. Brian Kemp to action. Though he doesn’t have the direct power (the Secretary of State is an elected position and oversees voting), Kemp took to the airwaves last night and did what Donald Trump has been begging him to do. He endorsed a signature audit.


Kemp did cite the video as his primary motivation here. That made President Trump very happy, as he had originally been very critical of Kemp.

Unfortunately, it appears Georgia’s Secretary of State is not going to act on this. He’s already making excuses for the video that simply don’t wash (I’ll be covering that in detail soon). And while I realize he’s received threats, every politician who has a recognizable name receives threats. That’s not an excuse to position oneself as an adversarial figure who won’t even do the most basic things to ensure people trust the voting process.

This video is not some small thing. It’s very disturbing. There is absolutely nothing to lose by ensuring that voters aren’t disenfranchised by fraudulent voting. It’d be one thing if we were talking about more affidavits that don’t really provide the evidence necessary for a judge or official to act, but this video is absolutely worth acting on. The President is right to push it, Kemp is right to call for action based on it, and the Secretary of State, if he sits idle, will deserve every bit of criticism he gets. If Republicans truly care about not depressing turnout in Georgia for the run-offs, they can’t hand wave away this video.


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