One Tweet Perfectly Encapsulates Democrat Hypocrisy on 'Accepting Elections'

Democratic National Convention via AP

The media and left are very, very upset that Republicans would dare question the results of the 2020 election. This comes despite the vote margins being mostly no wider than Trump’s win in 2016 as far as deciding states go. Yet, instead of letting the legal process play out, we’ve seen wailing and gnashing of teeth as Democrats proclaim the end of democracy if Trump manages to have his day in court.


What’s so amazing about this is just how incredibly hypocritical it is. Let’s recall that these same people have spent the last four years proclaiming Hillary Clinton the rightful winner of the election, not based on won legal challenges, but based on wild conspiracy theories involving Russia and Vladimir Putin.

That should not be forgotten.

If there was ever a moment where the phrase “sit this one out” applies perfectly, it is this moment. No one at CNN, MSNBC, from the Times, the Post, etc. have any leg to stand on in accusing others of undermining elections. Trump has spent his entire four years being accused of being a Russian agent. He’s been impeached based on wild claims that never began to hold up under scrutiny. He’s had bureaucrats target him in an attempt to undermine his administration. Trump has even had to deal with military leaders lying to him in order to stop troop withdrawals.

So please, spare me the consternation over not respecting elections. To the extent that what’s happening now to Joe Biden is payback, it’s more than deserved and should be followed through until the bitter end. Further, just to make things fair, Trump should probably force the appointment of a special counsel, and I’m not sure I’m not being 100% serious at this point.


What happened to the Trump administration from 2016 onward was a disgrace. It was a total abuse of power, from government power to the power of the media, which pushed crazy conspiracy theories non-stop. I could start posting tweets and clips right now and probably not finish until next week chronicling how bad it got.

Here’s what I know. The country is not going to collapse because Trump finishes out some challenges involving counts and voter irregularities. Anyone pushing that line now after four years of insisting Trump had colluded with the Russians and that Hillary Clinton is the rightful president is an absolute hack. Treat them accordingly.

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