Tucker Carlson Addresses Sidney Powell Again, Offers a Path Forward

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It’s a night full of Tucker Carlson news mentions here at RedState, but that’s not surprising given his current standing within the conservative media-sphere. The highest rated cable news host found himself on the opposite end of a lot of the right-wing chatter last night when he challenged Sidney Powell to come on his show and provide evidence for her extensive claims of voter fraud.


In a much talked about press conference yesterday, Powell laid out claims of millions of votes being switched through abuse of voting software. What she didn’t provide was much of any actual evidence, something Trump supporters are wanting to see produced as a path forward becomes more and more narrow.

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Here was Carlson’s original commentary.

There are two ways to look at this. Those that are leaning towards believing her claims have said that she has no obligation to share anything until things finish in court. Others have pointed out that there’s downside to backing her narrative with something tangible and that her filings are not matching her rhetoric.

Here’s the problem though. After states certify their election results, which happened in the last day in several key states, there is essentially no going back on that. A judge is not going to overturn a certified election result, at least not without bombshell evidence reaching levels we’ve never seen before. Powell claims to have had this data since last week, yet the filings have been slow going. That hasn’t produced confidence in her odds.


Now, Powell is saying it’ll all be adjudicated in the next two weeks and that she’s confident she’ll be victorious presenting her case. Carlson responded and offered a bit of an olive branch.

Some on the right got angry at Carlson for criticizing Powell’s dismissiveness last night, but I think he’s taking the right path. There is still time for Powell to prove her case and come out looking like a hero, though things look especially bleak now with so many states certifying results. Regardless, if she does prove her case, Carlson is not going to be against her, nor will anyone here at RedState or a myriad of other conservative leaning sites. But that case has to be proven at some point. Press conferences and fiery rhetoric only take us so far.


Patience is the right move here. Powell has made some very strong assertions, but it is not going to hurt anyone to let her see this through. Those screaming about decorum and the need to concede are the same people who spent four years calling Trump a Russian agent. I could not care less what their thoughts are on this matter. Meanwhile, in the next two weeks, if Powell can’t prove her case, then the electors will vote and this election will be over. The fight for the country will soldier on either way.

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