Tucker Carlson Discounts Sidney Powell's Election Claims, She Responds on Fox News

This is the kind of topic that I sometimes dread writing on because I know I’m going to have both sides yelling at me, but here it goes. Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves last night to share that Trump lawyer Sidney Powell refused to come on his show and provide any evidence for the claims she made at a press conference yesterday. Those claims centered on Michigan and tracked with some of the former assertions surrounding the Dominion voting system.


Carlson apparently made multiple requests of Powell and was rebuffed. He then shared with his audience the skepticism that warrants.

Given how well my articles covering Tucker Carlson normally do, I think it’s safe to say that most people on the Right like and respect him. What he says carries weight with his audience, and he’s also known for being willing to say what he believes, even when it goes against what his audience may want to hear. That’s why he’s become the highest-rated cable news show.

I say that to say that before you rush to drop Carlson like a hot potato, it may be worth waiting to see how this all plays out. Powell actually having the proof she claims she has seems the pertinent issue here.

Regardless, here’s Powell responding.


My personal opinion is that we are quickly reaching “put up or shut up” time, and it looks like Powell’s latest affidavit, which was supposed to include the evidence of all the claims from the press conference, is not going to provide the goods. In other words, with the electors set to vote in a couple of weeks, all the press conferences in the world aren’t going to make a difference. Refusing to go on Carlson’s show and then attacking him is probably not the best strategy for getting your narrative out there either.

I’ll let you decide who you believe here, if you chose to even take a side. But in the end, there has to be more shown than Powell is providing or this is going nowhere. That’s the hard, honest truth of the situation.

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